June 22

NBA Finals Cleveland Wins Over Curry and the Warriors

Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself. George Bernard Shaw    

June 20

NBA Finals and O.J. Simpson Made in America

Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.   Confucius

June 12

Steph Curry’s Ugly Shoes, The NBA Finals, Roni Rose, Infidelity

Steph Curry to Under Armour: That shoe is like a forty degree day. Ain’t nobody got nuttin’ to say about a forty degree day. Fifty? Bring a smile to your face. Sixty? Shit, you damn near barbecuing. Go down to twenty? You start complaining. But forty? Nobody cares about forty. Nobody remember forty, and ya’ll […]

June 06

Cleveland It’s Over

All my dreams have come to an end. The dream of Cleveland winning a championship in any sport is dead. I now recognize Cleveland is a cursed city. The 2016 NBA Finals have forced me to accept reality. This real feeling of sadness and despair has saturated my soul and my body aches. This pain […]

June 04

The Human Spirit

How will we judge a man when it is his time to depart the world? Integrity and genuineness? Muhammad Ali was and always will be the essences of genuineness and integrity. Ali showed us that impossible was absolutely possible. Muhammad Ali taught us that we must stand for our convictions or we will lose ourselves […]

May 31

Durant and Westbrook Didn’t Lose and Curry and the Warriors Didn’t Win

Curry and the Warriors are bananas in the tailpipe. You’ll See!!  

May 29

NBA Playoffs: OKC It’s over!!!

OKC is dead in the water.  Monday is just a technicality. Golden State won games 7 last night.  

May 29

? Is the NBA fixed or is Golden State really good? NBA 2016 Western Conference Finals Games Six

? Is the NBA fixed or is Golden State really good?

May 22

NBA Playoffs

AISportscast Show: NBA Playoffs Sound Advice

May 07

AISportsCast Boxing Conundrum

The Show Aint what it use to be (Paid Per View) New Boxers aren’t as good Yo Adrian Trumpsville The End

May 02

NFL Draft and NBA Playoffs

NFL Owners are new age Slave Owners Kids for Cash: The NFL Draft OKC whipped by the Spurs Warriorless in Oakland Sound Advice

April 09

NBA NFL American Culture Sports Talk Sound Advice

March 27

NBA Soft Steph Curry Spurs OKC Playoffs Lebron Twitter, NFL Dumb Denver Smart Cleveland RG3, Styling with Nike Air Force-1

NBA Soft Steph Curry Spurs OKC Playoffs Lebron Twitter, NFL Dumb Denver Smart Cleveland RG3 Draft Goff Best QB Tunsil Best OT, Styling with Nike Air Force-1    

March 26

Jay Miles “Hopefully I’m Right” 2016 Draft Rankings: Wide Receivers

          Credit:left: Laquon Treadwell (ap.org), right: Sterling Shepard (sportstalkflorida.com) Welcome to the 1st Annual “Hopefully I’m Right” Draft Rankings.  Over the next couple of weeks, I will be displaying a Top 10 at each position, players worth taking in the first round, non-first rounders who can make an impact, and sleepers […]

March 12

NFL QuarterBack Free Agency, Golden State and the NBA, Sound Advice

March 09

Dumb and Dumber Houston Texans O’Brien and Smith

Brock Osweiler signing by Houston Texans the dumbest move so for in free agency. Kubiak maybe hating on RGIII because of his relationship with Mike Shanahan. Ten available Quarterbacks that are better than Osweiler Josh Freeman Mike Glennon Colin Kaepernick Robert Griffin III Kirk Cousins Sam Bradford Ryan Fitzpatrick T.J. Yates Matt Flynn Matt Moore

March 06

Peyton Manning

Peyton Manning the greatest Quarterback to have ever played in the NFL will announce his retirement tomorrow. Despite alleged sexual misconduct in college and possible HGH drug use Mr. Manning’s retirement will have a significant impact on the league.

March 06

Washington Redskins, Golden State, Daytona 500 Sprint Cup, Pop Culture

The Show: Kirk Cousins and the Washington Redskins Golden State and the NBA Daytona 500 Sprint Cup Pop Culture The End

February 13

Super Bowl 50. Cam Newton Woes. Beyonce Controversy. Peyton Manning, Who is he?

The Show: Cam can’t lose right Beyonce can’t dress right Peyton can’t act right Sound Advice The End  

February 06

Super Bowl 50, Warriors have already won the championship, Manziel: Affluenza or Trauma

Old school music Super Bowl 50: Epic battle between the past and the future Stop playing Basketball and give the finals championship to Golden State Manziel: Johnny’s problems stem from privilege or brain trauma Sound Advice      

January 31

Johnny Manziel and C.T.E

Mr. Manziel’s behavior since entering the NFL has been destructive.  Johnny has diminished his reputation as a NFL athlete and has caused trauma to the people closes to him.  Mr. Manziel’s open drug use and defiant attitude led most to believe that Johnny was exerting the benefits of his privilege life. We all know that […]

January 30

San Diego gets to keep the Chargers for another year

Whoopty Doo! The fans get to cheer for a team that doesn’t want them. Let’s be honest Qualcomm Stadium is a far better place to play Football than the Coliseum. The Chargers are doing themselves a favor by staying because they’ll make more money in San Diego until a new stadium is built in Los […]

January 30

A Portrait of Problems Johnny Manziel

The Fort Worth Police Department was called to the home of Johnny Manzel today. There was an alleged altercation between Mr. Manziel and his girlfriend. No arrest was made and no further details were released by the Forth Worth Police Department. In October of 2015 while on the highway Johnny Manziel and his girlfriend were […]

January 30

Blake Griffin Smack Down, Cam Race Hate, Super Bowl 50, Serena, Federer, Aussie Open, Tyler Sash

Blake checks his Lackey All Cam Newton criticism is racist hate I need Peyton Manning to win the Super Bowl Serena is in beast mode Federer is awesome Tyler Sash: Football is life and death          

January 29

Blake Griffin After Fight Press Conference

Griffin Versus Testi after fight press conference interview with TKO King Blake Griffin.    

January 29

T.K.O. King Blake Griffin

Whoa! Blake Griffin or Baby B. his street O.G. alterego got some built up hostility inside of him. Maybe this anger stems from the successful marriage Kayne and Kim are having. Or could it be that he had nightmares about the Warriors beating the Clippers by 45 points. Could it possibly be that he’s so […]

January 27

Tyler Sash Dead at 27

Mr. Sash was a former NFL player who was a member of the New York Giants. Tyler suffered from the brain disease CTE which is caused by concussions. Since being released from the Giants in 2013 and after suffering 5 concussions Tyler’s life was one of suffering.  Mr. Sash’s NFL career deteriorated his body which […]

January 23

Ty Lue, Hack-A-Shaq 2.0, The New NBA, NFL Playoffs

1.23.2016 Show 

January 16

Synthetic Marijuana, Firing Head Coaches, WildCard Rewind, Divisional Playoffs

January 10

Marvin Lewis Its Over 

If not today, then some time this week Marvin Lewis will be fired or resign from the Bengals. The Bengals players were out of control and played the game dangerously without a care for the health and well being of fellow players. Marvin Lewis lost control of his team tonight and that’s the reason why […]

January 09

The Aftermath Houston Texans

January 09

Firing Lovie Smith, NFL Wild Card Playoffs

January 07

Stone Cold Killer: Jason Licht 

Jason Licht killed Lovie Smith’s career in Tampa today.  Mr. Licht made it known that it was his analysis of Coach Smith that persuaded the Glazer family to fire Mr. Smith. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers were moving in the right direction and the team will build on the success they had this year to improve […]

January 03

Cavs Warrirors, Eagles Skins, NFL Stadiums

The Show: Part Two   The Show: Part One

December 25

Redskins: The Playoff Odyssey

Saturday Washington plays Philidelphia to earn the right to enter the playoffs.  This game will be hard fought if the Eagles can mount a defensive attack that pressures Kirk Cousins. Cousins historically has failed to win big games with the Washington Redskins. If we’re honest, Kirk will find a way to lose this game and […]

December 24

Odell Beckham Suspension, Cavs Warriors, Chicago Bulls, Thursday Night Football, Saturday Night Football, Charles Woodson

December 22

Odell Beckham Jr., Homophobia, NFL, Sexual Orientation, NY Giants, Sports Media, Carolina Panthers

December 22

Odell Beckham Jr. Another Privilege Athlete Who Is Not Accountable For His Behavior

It’s disappointing when the New York Giants are so desperate to win the NFC East that they will create a scenario justifying Odell Beckham Jr’s behavior during Sundays game against the Panthers.  The excuse that the Panthers taunted Beckham with homophobic slurs causing him to react violently when no acts of violence were committed against […]

December 20

Redskins Rising, NFC East, Odell Beckham Jr.

December 20

Dallas Cowboys and My Sunday Picks

December 19

Cam & the Panthers, RG3, Fisher and the L.A. Rams, Romo & the Cowboys, Kyrie to soon.

December 19

Dallas Cowboys Jerry Jones & Dez Bryant

December 12

Steph Curry and the Golden State Warriors

December 11

Kobe Must Go Now

I never thought we would be at this place, but we’re here and I’m feeling very vulnerable because I don’t know how to say goodbye.  You’ve been so relevant for such a long time and everyone still wants to see you, but I know we haven’t seen you because that you is gone forever.  During […]

December 11

Greg Schiano The Ohio State University Football

If you haven’t heard Schiano has been hired by Urban Meyer and OSU Football as Associate Head Coach and Defensive Coordinator. Why Greg Schiano? Why would you want someone associated with your organization who is brash, callous & inepted. Schiano aided by former GM Mark Dominik ruined the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Schiano’s insidious actions to […]

December 11

Has The “Gruden-Cousins Connection” Really Improved Washington’s Offense?

Early this year, Washington coach Jay Gruden promoted Kirk Cousins as his Starting QB for the 2015 season.  Gruden stated that Cousins gave Washington “the best chance to win” and “It’s Kirk’s team”.  Mike Shanahan even believes that Cousins is a Franchise Quarterback.  12 games later, Washington sits in a three-way tie for 1st Place […]

December 06

CFP 1. Clemson 2. Alabama 3. MSU 4. OU

The final 4 has been determined and I’m disappointed but not surprised of the final outcomes.  Clemson will lose to OU.  Clemson is not a tough team and OU will play hard-nosed football which will disrupt Clemson’s game. MSU can beat Alabama if their focus is on Bama and not the enormity of the game. […]

December 06

College Football Playoffs

The CFP Committee seems determined to keep Clemson in the playoffs picture despite their schedule, despite their difficulty beating South Carolina and probably  despite their controversial win against North Carolina last night. Clemson is a top 10 team but they are not a playoff team. Stanford schedule was far more difficult than any of the […]

December 06

Kobe, Manziel, Concussion Movie, NBA, NFL,

The Show Kobe Manziel Concussion Movie NBA NFL Sound Advice The End

November 29

Tony Romo out for the season is anyone surprised?

Tony Romo out for the  season because Jerry Jones made a poor decision to place him in peril.

November 29

Steph Curry and the Golden State Warriors

Steph Curry and the Golden State Warriors are the luckiest team in NBA history.  Last year the Warriors did not have to play the top tier of the Western Conference in the playoffs and they sailed their way to the Finals.  In the NBA Finals they played an injury inflicted Cleveland team that some how […]

November 29

Stephen Curry & Golden State Warriors, NBA Western Conference Is Weak, Injuries Helped The Warriors Record, Don’t Forget About Durant

The Show Steph Curry is good but not great.  The Warriors help Curry’s game. NBA Western Conference is weak A healthy Durant probably the best NBA Player Kobe looks like Ali Clemson is a weak #1 Ohio State is the best team in college football SEC is still the best college football conference Bill Belichick […]

November 16

NBA, NFL, CFP, Ohio State, Alabama, Baylor, Patriots

The Show Lebron James Is Still The Best NBA Player The Patriots Will Go Undefeated & Win The Super Bowl Golden State Is Nothing Without S. Curry and Steph Curry Is Nothing Without Golden State The Bet: Kobe Won’t Score 30 Points Ever Again!! Ohio State Wins National Title!!! Miami Fans Are Not Happy With […]

November 07

Mascots, Logos, Names and America’s Conscience

The Show Miami Dolphins Gorging Stephen Curry Michael Jordan NBA is Fantastic Fire Bill O’Brien Houston Texans are a TERRIBLE TEAM Washington Redskins Black Face is WRONG The End

November 02

NFL Games R Down Right Bad!!

The Show Part 2 Washington Redskins “The logo controversy may be contrived” NFL Games Aren’t Good NBA Action is Fantastic “Thank God for the NBA Season NFL Football Play is REAL BAD Blank History Months “Are They Really Relevant” New England Patriots Are the Best NFL Team Denver Broncos Are Not a Good NFL Team […]

October 31

NFL Games Aren’t Good

The Show Washington Redskins “The logo controversy may be contrived” NFL Games Aren’t Good NBA Action is Fantastic “Thank God for the NBA Season NFL Football Play is REAL BAD Blank History Months “Are They Really Relevant” New England Patriots Are the Best NFL Team Denver Broncos Are Not a Good NFL Team Hating on […]

October 28

Washington Redskins Post Game Show

The Show Kirk Cousins “You Like That” Jay Gruden “Code Red” The Washington Redskins: The best team in the Division? The Washington Redskins: A bad team, but not a really bad team. 7-9 and The Washington Redskins could win the division “Playoffs” Gruden lives another three weeks! The End    

The Washington Redskins: Hope Doesn’t Float!

The Show Skinghazi Ignorant Washington Redskins Gibberish A little Pop Culture Sound Advice The End        

Washington Redskins: Exceeding Expectations

The Show The Washington Redskins are true contenders  Retreat: The betrayal of hairlines and bald is beautiful What to do with $75,000 Ignorance is broke: Older Men “ThePiggy Banks” Younger Women “The Sledgehammers” It’s good to see Mike Vick Aaron Rodgers is the greatest, BUT Peyton Manning is the God of QBs Fantasy Football Contest […]

Fired By Ndamukong Suh: Philbin Needs A New Job

The Show: Mr. passive aggressive Joe Philbin. Houston Texans start looking for a new GM and Head Coach (Smith and O’Brien not equipped for the jobs). Mallet over Hoyer or Hoyer over Mallet a dilemma only in Houston. J.J Watt doesn’t care about a Superbowl.  Washington NFL Team may be better than what we think […]

Houston Texans… A Difficult Choice.

The fat lady is singing her enormous gluteus maximus off and the Houston Texans find themselves in a hole dugged by their GM Rick Smith and Head Coach Bill O’Brien. In order to salvage the season leadership within this organization needs to find a way to resolve the dismal offensive production. The return of Arian […]

Washington D.C. NFL Team

This Sunday Jay Gruden’s Washington team played solid offensive football and the defense was outstanding. This is a statement win. The Washington team is turning a corner and looks to be competitive within their division. The true test for this team will come next week when they play Atlanta. If Gruden can lead his team […]

An Argument on Sports Gambling

Fantasy Football Contest “Yahoo Daily Fantasy, Draft Kings and Fan Duel” (Gambling) Can You Win When the Game is Fixed.  

Washington Redskins Debacle

It is painfully obvious Jay Gruden can not manage this team.  It is also painfully obvious the best player on the team (RG3) is inactive and will probably never play another game in D.C.  Gruden was committted to ruining the best talent that D.C. has had in decades when he stole $20 million from Dan […]

NFL Thursday Night Football

The epic battle for the soul of the Washington team is driving relationships to the brink of the abyss. Hatred for Gruden and the faithful love for RG3 are colossal difference that will never reconcile. A victory today will bring us closer to the light.  Defeat will move us towards the darkness.  The shadows of […]

Deception and Consequences

Show Topics: RG3, Cousins, Gruden HGH and Concussions

Personal Foul…

Show Topics: Washington Football Team Player Health Responsibilities Concussions and the end of Football as we know it