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March 13

Sound Advice Flash Back from New Years 2017

Sound Advice Flash Back from New Years 2017  

March 12

Love and Hip Hop Recap and Learning Diplomacy in the hood

  Growing up in the DC area could be complicated depending where you lived, your race and your socioeconomic status in the neighborhood. Rivalries and neighborhood clashes occurred but only pride was harmed. When I went a way to college at UMES I discovered that the rivalries advanced from neighborhoods to cities. I was unaware […]

March 11

Family reunions are great for fundraising and baby making!

  Family reunions are a great place to network. Most of the people there are related to you and this is their opportunity to develop a relationship with you so when they ask you for money at a later date the conversation won’t be so awkward. Others come to family reunions looking for love. Distant […]

March 10

Human Leather. Beer, Wine & Spirits. When No Expectations Lead to Disappointment.

  In this podcast Stan attempts to explain why Logan was a disappointment even through he had no expectations for the movie. How can someone who had no expectations for the movie be disappointed?  Michael and Jay argue whether AMC theaters should offer beer, wine and spirits. Michael offers the movie industry a more profitable […]

February 25

A Good Wife = A Functioning Addict with a Great Crab Cake Recipe.

Sound Advice? Show A good wife can be someone who is a functioning cocaine addict or alcoholic who can make her husband crab cakes for Valentines day.  The ultimate qualifiers are that this woman has to have a full time job, maintain her addiction with her own income and make crab cakes with real crab. […]

February 24

Obsessing with Squats and Losing your Ability to Walk.

Sound Advice? Show I Michael have a history of destructive behavior. I drive 75 MPH when the legal limit is 70 MHP.  I’m allergic to shellfish and I eat Dim Sum and enjoy it without an EpiPen. I binge watch the House of Cards in two days.  I only floss in the morning time and […]

February 23

Sleep or Suffer. Energy Drinks vs. Private Touching Time.

Sound Advice? Show When you need to sleep and you can’t rest your mind to fall asleep you may have to take some private time and touch yourself to alleviate the excess energy or you can suffer through the night. If you choose to suffer which was Jay’s decision you’ll find out as he did […]