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September 25

Carmelo Free at Last?

In this segment of AISPORTSCAST Mike and Jay discuss the Carmelo trade, College Football and sports news and entertainment.

September 25

POTUS 45 King Nitwit

Mike and Jay discuss Donald Trumps attack on sports and racial disparity.

September 21

Rumbling Though Garbage

In this show Mike and Jay discuss The Juggalos March on Washington The Movie It Stupid Question The Movie Mother Minnesota Vikings QB Issue NFL Games are Garbage Kobe Statues Magic Johnson

September 20

AISPORTSCAST September 17 2017 Show

In this podcast Mike and Jay discuss: NFL ratings, Tom Brady is an asshole, NBA is fantastic, the city of Detroit can’t afford police officers but gave the Red Wings owners $250 million for a new arena.

September 19

GGG Canelo Fight

We know someone was robbed, but who? I think Gennady Golovkin did enough to win the fight, but Adalaide Bryd decided Canelo Alvarez fought the fight of his life and scored the match heavily in Alvarez favor. Ms. Bryd in my opinion shouldn’t be a judge and needs to be investigated for bribery. Boxing is […]

September 06

Rumbling Through Garbage: Carton’s Ponzi Scheme, 16 Straight, Thou Shall Sign 1-Year Deals

Mike and Jay discuss Craig Carton’s Ponzi Scheme, the Bucs and the Dolphins having to play 16 weeks straight, and God talking Kirk Cousins into signing a 1 year deal with the Washington Redskins. 

September 04

Rumbling through garbage episode 2

Mike and Jay discuss sports news headlines in their new segment Rumbling Through Garbage.

September 04

Hair Hygiene. NFL Salaries. a little College Football.

In this weeks show Mike is at awe with Jay’s hair hygiene and he is perplexed about why men would intentional take a razor and scrape their faces with it. Mike and Jay also discuss the disparity in salaries between NFL and NBA players and they dabble in college football.

August 25

Rumbling through garbage episode 1

Mike and Jay discuss sports news headlines in their new segment Rumbling Through Garbage.

August 25

The Mayweather McGregor fight

The Mayweather McGregor fight is going to be a circus. Hopefully the under cards are good because the main event may be uneventful if Floyd performs the quintessential technical fight that he is the sole master of. Regardless of what has been said McGregor can win. One punch can make history. In this podcast Mike […]

August 25

Is Kyrie really that good

Is Kyrie really that good to justify Boston depleting their roster. The Cavaliers have gotten better with the Kyrie trade, but not strong enough to beat the Warriors.  In this podcast Jay and Mike discuss the Boston Cavaliers trade.

August 22

The Chick-Fil-A Hypocrisy

In this podcast Jay and Mike introduce quick hits news segment. Mike and Jay discuss the hypocrisy of Chick-fil-a, Kirk Cousin teasing the fans and NFL Kickers job a’int easy.

August 22

Donald Trump and Charlottesville

In this segment of the AISPORTSCAST Jay and Mike discuss Charlottesville and Donald Trump.

August 18

NFL home of the alt right. NFL & Domestic Violence. Ray Lewis is the new O.J. Simpson.

In this podcast Mike and Jay Discuss: Acts of domestic violence are cowardly and The #NationalFootballLeague has a plethora of cowards.  The latest wimp to display his masculine aggression against a woman is the knuckle head #EzekielElliot. Ezek the freak has been suspended for six games, but it looks like the #DallasCowboys are preparing to […]

August 03

Logan Reviews

Mike and Jay discuss their views on the Wolverine movie Logan. Mike sums the movie up as “God is Dead”.

August 03

Colin Kaepernick doesn’t need redemption. He did nothing wrong.

If you’ve done nothing wrong why do you need redemption.  Mike and Jay discuss the blatant ignorance of NFL Owners, NFL personnel, sports media and NFL Fans about Colin Kaepernick. 

August 03

My goodbye to the NFL

I like football. I revere games that have epic offensive struggles and somehow the offense finds a way to win. I like how football illustrates team work.  Human beings coming together to achieve goals that no one person can achieve on their own. I like the discipline this game requires in order to be successful.  […]

July 27

Part Three: The Apology By Mike Foster

This segment of the podcast dives into Mike’s autobiography of his plight with gangsta rap and how he and these dubious artist destroyed rap music.

July 27

Part Two: Popcorn Punches NFL Owners Don’t Care

The Floyd McGregor fight will be available for your viewing pleasure for a mere $40 at your local movie theater. The aftermath that will occur in movie theaters across the country will be far more entertaining than the Floyd McGregor fight. Image Budweiser being flung in the air and fist of fury everywhere. UFC and […]

July 27

Part One: The Balls to Gamble & Kyrie Wanting Out

Mike goes out on a limb to entice his cousins to invest with him in sports gambling this year. Mike will utilize ball power to stimulate testosterone production which will be needed to provoke his cousins to take action. Kyrie really wants out of Cleveland. I can’t blame him. Kyrie helped the team win a […]

July 21

NBA Summer League and NBA Events

Mike and Jay Discuss NBA summer league and NBA news events.  

July 21

James Harden & Texting Etiquette

Mike and Jay discuss James Harden contract, NBA news and texting etiquette.

July 04

Part 4: Pacquiao got what he deserved and so did ESPN

#Pacquiao got what he deserved and so did #ESPN. #MannyPacquiao and ESPN participated in a fight that should have been an easy win for Mr. Pacquiao, but the junior boxer #JeffHorn pulled out a unanimous decision victory that enraged ESPN and demoralized Pacquiao.

July 04

Part 3: The Lakers Ain’t What They Use To Be!

#MagicJohnson is hard selling #LonzoBall. Magic just gutter balled #D’AngeloRussell calling the kid an all-star talent who lacks leadership skills and Lonzo Ball is the second coming of Moses because he was a popular kid in high school. The Lakers ain’t what they use to be. The velvet glove and Midas touch of Jerry West […]

July 04

Part 2: Is Doc Rivers Crazy or Chris Paul Greedy?

Is #DocRivers crazy or is #ChrisPaul greedy. The Los Angeles #Clippers General Manager and Head Coach #DocRivers traded #ChrisPaul to the Houston Rockets because the Clippers did not want to give Mr. Paul a max deal. #ChrisPaul wanted the max deal of 5 years $200 million. The Clippers offered Mr. Paul a 4-year deal worth […]

July 04

Part 1: Paul George Gut Shot

#PaulGeorge hit the #Pacers #KevinPritchard with a head and gut shot when his agent announced Georges’ intention to leave Indiana. Allegedly George and Pritchard were having conversations about how to improve the team. Paul should be unhappy in Indiana because Pritchard hasn’t done anything to improve the team, but George should be honest about his […]

June 28

Part 3 Mayweather vs McGregor Stars Wars Rogue One Synopsis

Jay and Mike discuss recent boxing matches and the up and coming Mayweather vs McGregor fight. The crew also gives their synopsis on Star Wars Rogue One.

June 28

Part 2 Bruce Allen Hires a New Fall Guy

Doug Williams is the new Senior Vice President of Player Operations meaning Mr. Williams is the first guy to get fired when the team falls apart. Mike and Jay discuss how Bruce Allen is using Doug Williams as cover to protect his own job.

June 28

Part 1 NBA Draft Analysis

Jay and Mike discuss the NBA draft, trades and potential moves.

June 12

Part 3: Text Gate The Text String That Almost Broke A Family

Families are complicated. Texting can create ambiguity and strife. With perpetual open wounds texting may not be the best way to resolve issues.  Text Gate was the saga of one man in his feelings trying to provoke change to resolve a constant family issue by neglecting the intricacies of family member emotions and unwavering behavioral […]

June 12

Part 2: Who Was The Better Artist Prince or Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson was the worlds favorite entertainer, but does that necessarily mean that Mr. Jackson was a good artist? The argument is that Prince was a true artist because he crafted his own sound that was adored by fans and used by other entertainers. Prince composed and wrote his own music. Michael Jackson purchased songs […]

June 12

Part 1: NBA Finals Game 4 Review and Game 5 Predictions

Guess who’s back??? Professor Stan is back in action giving his jovial perspective on the calamity faced by the Cavaliers and NBA fans.  The unfortunate truth is that King James and Cleveland can not escape the inevitable defeat that awaits them. The impossible is the impossible regards of the enigma that is LeBron James.  So […]

June 06

Part 4: #Netflix may have used #HouseofCards to boost 3rd quarter subscriptions & profits

Part 4: #Netflix may have used #HouseofCards to boost 3rd quarter subscriptions & profits. If it’s true than #Netflix is a quasi Ponzi scheme. Most movies this summer look real bad. I hate #WonderWoman not because the movie sucks. Executives decided to cross promote the movie with #ThinkThin weight loss products and I think this […]

June 06

Part 3: The tragedy about the 2017 #NBAFinals

Part 3: The tragedy about the 2017 #NBAFinals is that it can only end one way barring injuries and that’s with the #Cleveland #Cavaliers being demolished. The addition of #KevinDurant has made the #Warriors the supreme team that can not be defeated.

June 06

Part 2: Kevin Love Critics

Part 2: Anyone who diminishes #KevinLove’s role or contributions to the #Cavaliers are hypocrites. These hypocritical observers are overzealous about picking apart Love’s negative attributes without weighting them against other players on the team and these observers will give #Kyrie the benefit of the doubt if his performance is subpar.  Don’t blame Love for the […]

June 06

Part 1: Game 2 of the NBA Finals

Part 1: Game 2 of the #NBAFinals was like Michael Corleone having Fredo killed at the end of Godfather 2. #GoldenState was the stronger team and they dominated the #Cavaliers. #LeBron and #Cleveland worked hard to make it competitive but their fear of the #Warriors 3 point shooting paralyzed them on defense.

June 03

Forget What LeBron Did in the 2016 NBA Finals

The reason why we can forget what #LeBronJames did in the #NBAFinals last year is because the circumstances aren’t the same. Last Year #StephCurry was hurt, #DraymondGreen got suspended for a game and Durant was in OKC. This year #GoldenState is healthy and #KevinDurant fortifies the team.    

May 28

Part 4: Bootlegging with the Fire Stick

Mike is complaining about his Plasma TV and network tv shows. Mike wants to abandon the House of Cards but Jay won’t let him lie to himself. Mike and Jay caution listeners about recommending bad movies.    

May 28

Part 3: The NFL Doesn’t Care

Seattle Seahawks are brave. They are the only team to workout Colin Kaepernick. The NFL is so hypocritical because violent offenders who beat their girlfriends and wives are welcomed with open arms and given the opportunity to earn millions under the cloak of redemption. Colin Kaepernick stood up against injustice and he’s basically banished from […]

May 28

Part 2: GOAT is Dumb

GOAT is dumb and lame. Can we stop comparing LeBron to Jordan. They’re incomparable. The game is different from era to era and there is no way to truly measure Jordan against LeBron. What’s most upsetting about this GOAT conversation is the absence of Kobe. Players are great in their era but there is no […]

May 28

Part 1: Finally The NBA Finals? Lets Crown Golden State Now.

Cleveland loses a game to the Celtics and now LeBron and the Cavaliers prepare to lose to the Warriors. Mike and Jay explain why Cleveland is sooled.  How do homers feel when they watch their favorite teams? Mike will tell you.      

May 22

President Trump National News and TMZ Russia Probe

Hello everyone this is the AISPORTSCAST and this is another show without Professor Stan.  In this segment we discuss President Trump, National News and TMZ.

May 22

Listening to Music

Hello everyone this is the AISPORTSCAST and this is another show without Professor Stan.  In this segment we talk about Music, Prince, Michael Jackson, Morris Day and Jerome.

May 22

Eastern Conference Finals

Hello everyone this is the AISPORTSCAST and this is another show without Professor Stan.  In this segment we discuss the slow sports news week, the crappy eastern conference and the dominance of Golden State and Cleveland.

May 17

Reminiscing about fighting in school NBA Draft Analysis

Mike and Jay reminisce about their fight days. The team discusses the NBA Draft and contemplate where Lonzo Ball will play.

May 17

NBA Western Conference Analysis Born to Hate Steph Curry Bullying and Reminiscing about fighting in school

In this podcast Mike explains his temporary love for Steph Curry and why Draymond is his favorite player. Mike and Jay tumble down the rabbit hole and find themselves reminiscing about fighting in school and bullying.

May 17

Celtics vs Wizards Eastern Conference Sucks Boston Won’t Be a NBA in the Western Conference

Jay and Mike discuss the Wizards debacle. Coffee deprived Mike goes on a rant about the crappy Eastern Conference.

May 15

NBA Playoffs and the Summer League

  Jay tries to remain realistic about the Wizards chances to win game seven in Boston. The NBA talent pool is so tight no other team can compete with the Warriors and Cleveland. NBA Summer league is a great place to see talented players and some garbage game play.    

May 15

The Steve Harvey Letter

Mike and Jay analyze the Steve Harvey letter.

May 15

What happened to James Harden

  This podcast Mike and Jay discuss James Harden’s breakdown and how the Rockets and OKC have no future with Hardin and Westbrook. Game seven of the Eastern Playoffs The Wizards vs. the Celtics should be a good game, but Jay expects Washington to completely collapse in the 4th quarter and lose to a beatable […]

May 06

Rogue One. Don’t Buy DVD Movies. Top Five The Best of Chris Rock. Losing interest in TV.

  Rogue One is the best Star Wars Movie Ever!! Don’t Buy DVD Movies.  Top Five The Best of Chris Rock.  Veep is back and House of Cards is coming soon. Losing interest in TV.

May 06

Gamboa Quit. Chavez Jr. Can’t Overcome himself. Canelo Alvarez Stacks The Cards In His Favor.

  Gamboa Quit.  Chavez Jr.  Can’t Overcome himself.   Canelo Alvarez Stacks The Cards In His Favor.

May 06

NBA Playoffs. Carmelo a Cavalier. Jordan vs the Jordon Standard. The Return of Greg Oden.

  NBA playoffs are going as predicted. I want Cleveland to lose in the finals so that Carmelo is traded to the Cavaliers next year. In his final year, Michael Jordan was better than 80% of NBA players. It’s time to revisit Greg Oden.

May 06

Big Baller Brand

  Big Baller Brand is making a splash onto the market. Controversy about the retail cost of the shoe is sparking conversations.  Proponents of the brand are looking beyond the cost. They are focusing on the potential opportunities to increase revenues and control their brand. Opponents see a selfish father attempting to cash in on […]

May 02


In this podcast we discuss the Washington Redskins draft. Mike dooms the skins to infinite football hell. #washingtonredskins #nfl #nfldraft  

May 02


In this podcast Mike forgives Rick Smith and Bill O’Brien and predicts a dominate year for the Texans. #nfldraft #nfl #houstontexans  

May 02


In this podcast we discuss the evolution of the career of Mike Williams. Eli maybe done and Geno should have gave that dude his money back. #nfl #nfldraft #newyorkgiants  

May 02

AISPORTSCAST NFL Draft Show Part 1 Chicago Bears

In this podcast we try to figure out what the hell the Bear’s thinking!!! #nfl #chicagobears #nfldraft  

April 24

Aaron Hernandez and Returning to the NFL

Part 4.  Aaron Hernandez dead at 27.  Before Hernandez allegedly committed suicide on April 19, 2017 he had just won an acquittal on a double homicide and his prior convictions were in the appeals process.  Before Aaron’s death Mike thought that it was possible for him to return to the NFL.

April 24

Logan Great. Stan and Jay’s review of the movie not so much.

Part 3. Stan and Jay didn’t  understand Logan and this prevented them from giving an accurate review of the movie.  Thank God for If It Geeks I Speaks. Nikki and Damien are true connoisseurs of the epic XMen Comic books and their review was fair and balanced.

April 24

The Triangle Over Carmelo? Phil Jackson Isn’t A Team Builder. Fraud In The Big Apple.

Part 2. The mad hatter Phil Jackson wants Carmelo out of New York and the Triangle in. The New York Giants are getting gansta with selling fake game worn jerseys and helmets.

April 24

Geremy vs. Jeremy, NBA Playoffs and Who’s Too Old To Wear A Jersey

Part 1. Jay is fighting the good fight and spreading the message on the correct pronunciation of Jeremy. The fellas discuss NBA playoffs and attempt to debunk the myth that series that go to game seven are the best. When are you too old to wear a jersey?

April 03

Some Sports, News & Pop Culture, But Mostly Chicken Wings, Vagina Giving, & Club Girls.

Stan, Jeremy (Not Geremy) and Mike are back at it again! This podcast you get some chicken wings sound advice, an education on vagina giving and club girls, our views on the bogus NBA controversy, the broken NCAA brackets, and pop culture.  

March 31


March 24


March 21

Golovkin vs. Jacobs: When Money Dictates Outcomes

  Boxing has been known to be a corrupt sport. Judges have been dishonest. Managers and promoters have taken advantage of fighters and the best boxers aren’t given an opportunity to compete for championships because of money. Image the New England Patriots being denied to play in the super bowl because the Pittsburg Steelers would […]

March 17


March 13

Code Red!! Washington Redskins A Blazed!! No Water Please!! Let Them Burn!!

  I think it has become quite obvious that Dan Synder the Owner of the Washington Redskins is now awake and aware that he has been bamboozled by Bruce Allen and Jay Gruden. Synder is so vexed that he will not make a good decision with the Kirk Cousins situation. Kirk doesn’t want to play […]

March 13

Gamboa &Lemieux Fight Night Review

  Boxing is not a barbaric event where two people who lack technic and brains beat the hell out of each other.  Boxing is graceful. The moment of the fighters are fluid. Technic and styles are art forms. There is danger is boxing and the fighter is constantly aware of this, but when the art […]

March 13

Sound Advice Flash Back from New Years 2017

Sound Advice Flash Back from New Years 2017  

March 12

Love and Hip Hop Recap and Learning Diplomacy in the hood

  Growing up in the DC area could be complicated depending where you lived, your race and your socioeconomic status in the neighborhood. Rivalries and neighborhood clashes occurred but only pride was harmed. When I went a way to college at UMES I discovered that the rivalries advanced from neighborhoods to cities. I was unaware […]

March 11

Family reunions are great for fundraising and baby making!

  Family reunions are a great place to network. Most of the people there are related to you and this is their opportunity to develop a relationship with you so when they ask you for money at a later date the conversation won’t be so awkward. Others come to family reunions looking for love. Distant […]

March 10

Human Leather. Beer, Wine & Spirits. When No Expectations Lead to Disappointment.

  In this podcast Stan attempts to explain why Logan was a disappointment even through he had no expectations for the movie. How can someone who had no expectations for the movie be disappointed?  Michael and Jay argue whether AMC theaters should offer beer, wine and spirits. Michael offers the movie industry a more profitable […]

March 09

Mens College Basketball is Horrible!!

  In this podcast Michael, Jay and Stan discuss the NBA, Boxing’s return to pop culture and mens  college basketball horrible game play.

March 08

The 24 Million Dollar Man Kirk Cousins accompanied with Jay Gruden’s Extension the Skins will still miss the playoffs.

  What would you do for your charity? In this podcast Stan and Michael argue whether the ref that was pushed by Kirk Cousins should accept an apology if Kirk offers to make a donation to the charity of his choice. Jay Gruden gets a two year extension and Bruce Allen gets more distance from […]

March 07

Extended Rest for Golden State and Cleveland?

  There’s no doubt that Golden State and the Cavaliers will be the two teams in this years NBA Finals. The only dilemma is whether Durant’s injury becomes an insurmountable obstacle that prevents the Warriors from winning the Championship. There is an argument that Cleveland is the unstoppable team and with the additions of Kyle […]

February 25

A Good Wife = A Functioning Addict with a Great Crab Cake Recipe.

Sound Advice? Show A good wife can be someone who is a functioning cocaine addict or alcoholic who can make her husband crab cakes for Valentines day.  The ultimate qualifiers are that this woman has to have a full time job, maintain her addiction with her own income and make crab cakes with real crab. […]

February 24

Obsessing with Squats and Losing your Ability to Walk.

Sound Advice? Show I Michael have a history of destructive behavior. I drive 75 MPH when the legal limit is 70 MHP.  I’m allergic to shellfish and I eat Dim Sum and enjoy it without an EpiPen. I binge watch the House of Cards in two days.  I only floss in the morning time and […]

February 23

Sleep or Suffer. Energy Drinks vs. Private Touching Time.

Sound Advice? Show When you need to sleep and you can’t rest your mind to fall asleep you may have to take some private time and touch yourself to alleviate the excess energy or you can suffer through the night. If you choose to suffer which was Jay’s decision you’ll find out as he did […]

February 22

NBA AllStar Weekend. When Failure Leads to Disappointment.

The AISPORTSCAST Show The NBA AllStar Weekend disappointed Stan and Jay because the players decided to elevate their performance by increasing the difficulty of their dunks which caused the failure rate to increase substantially.  Washington D.C. fans are the most hopeful in all of the lands in this world if not the universe.  Kirk Cousins […]

February 21

To Hunt an Athlete. When Chasing Fame Gets You Hurt.

The AISPORTSCAST Show Revis has been charged for nothing! If three guys are following you down the street and you attempt to flee and they increase their pursuit you have the right to defend yourself. Pittsburg Police Department charged Revis after conducting an investigation that answers no questions to the events that occurred the night […]

February 20

Voices and Coffee Beans. The McRib and Nachos with Chili Cheese.

AISPORTSCAST SHOW Does a voice have a soul? Can two brothers possess the same voice and share a soul? There are those in this world who think Stan and Jay sound identical. I think those people may need braille lessons. Instant coffee is the equivalent of liquid sh*t. When does coffee turn into an addiction? […]

February 12

Fibromyalgia and Crayons. Windows Really Sucks. A Cheerios Life.

The Sound Advice Show This week’s Sound Advice is all about premature AARP memberships, struggling in a windows based world and cinnamon doesn’t taste good on everything.

February 12

Russell Westbrook and OKC in Cupcake Heaven

AISPORTSCAST   What if Rosario Dawson was your girlfriend and she broke up with you. Rosario loves you and you love her, but you have issues.  She’s been with you for 10 years hoping you would change, but you haven’t and now Rosario has found someone who fulfills and supports her.  One day you run […]

February 05

Sound Advice Travels To The Dark Side Of Madness

SA Show This week’s Sound Advice takes us on a treacherous journey where love, jealousy and mailing a box collide into an unforeseen love triangle. From there we journey to the dark side of humanity  where eating your friend alive is an option when you’re high on bath salts. Then we tumble down the rabbit […]

February 05

Who Cares About The Super Bowl When Kirk Cousins Can’t Get Right.

The AI Show Who cares about the Super Bowl. The NFL won’t let anyone say the word unless you’ve paid for the privilege to say Super Bowl. What is a super bowl? Is it a yummy super duper bowl of Brandon Routh? [Side Note “I think Keanu Reeves would make an exceptional Superman”]. Is the […]

January 29

Sound Advice

This week’s podcast the team discusses high sidity lunch snacks, jelly without peanut butter a brother’s betrayal, Game of Thrones use of doggy style and Fox FX exploitation of hotness.

January 29

Life with Rondo a Chicago Bulls Tragedy

I use to like Rondo.  When he was in Boston Rondo was a great player and the Celtics thought they could build a future around him, but his antagonist personality ruined his opportunity to be a star in Boston, Dallas, Sacramento and now Chicago. This guy lives in his head and the echoes he hears […]

January 23

Overrated “Rodgers pass to Cook” The Packers and Steelers are susceptible to losing.

The AISPORTSCAST SHOW I love Aaron Rodgers. He’s the greatest to ever play the game, but last week’s pass to gain the yardage necessary for Crosby to kick the game winning field goal was not clutch.  The pass was spectacular. The drama of the final catch was intense and it was a hell of a […]

January 15

Brock Osweiler $72 Million Down the Drain. NFL Playoffs, Superheroes, Movies, TV & the Chics are Free

AISPORTSCAST SHOW The Saturday NFL playoff games were uneventful.  As expected Atlanta was victorious over an injured Seattle team and New England pummeled the Houston Texans. One of the most concerning questions to come from Saturday’s playoff games is what is Houston going to do with Brock Osweiler. The organization paid him $72 million dollars […]

January 14

Larry Fitzgerald Booty of the Year Award

  Larry Fitzgerald Booty of the Year Award   

January 12

Batman vs. Superman and Redskins vs. Kirk Cousins.

The AISPORTSCAST Show The Washington Redskins my be dumb enough to sign Kirk Cousins to a $100 million dollar deal. Kirk’s production is great on paper, but the paper is thin and the reality is that Cousins performance is lifted by the talent that surrounds him. Without Jordan Reed, DeSean Jackson and Pierre Garçon Kirk Cousins […]

Owner Washington Redskins January 02

The Washington Redskins and Ohio State personify mediocrity.

The Show The Washington Redskins and Ohio State University Football share a common trait, Mediocrity. Under Dan Snyder’s ownership the Washington Redskins have fallen from a tradition of championship excellence to a subpar below average football team. Dan Snyder is a failed leader who lacks vision and because this team has no leadership they find […]

December 25

Verizon Customers Pay More for Dropped Calls. Let Kirk Cousins Go! Did You Buy My Album? Merry Christmas!!!

December 19

Ride or Die with Cardi B. North Carolina Republicans are the Craziest! Rogue One The New Old Star Wars.

The Show Darkness has fallen upon the state of North Carolina.  The evil extremist white supremacist Republicans of the North Carolina legislator undermined democracy last week. These malicious autocrats held a white males only special session.  The purpose of this special session was to disenfranchise the citizens of North Carolina, limit the power of the […]

December 14

The NFL Playoff Scenarios and Please Don’t Steal Christmas Gifts

The Show This week Jay and Mike discussed whether Carolina had a chance of making the playoffs if they ran the table.  The two agreed that Cam and the Panthers have no chance in making the playoffs and their greatest accomplishment this year is to spoil the playoff hopes of Washington and Tampa Bay. The […]

December 02

The Exaggerated Abilities and Facade of Kirk Cousins

The AISPORTSCAST podcast  AISPORTSCAST show The Synopsis  Kirk Cousins is the luckiest person in Washington D.C. He has a coach who believes in him and the Washington D.C. fans are completely sold on him.  You like that was a hit.  Cousins has changed from that guy on the bench backing Robert Griffin III to transforming […]

November 26

We’re Talking Politics, Presidential Election, Marijuana, NFL and NBA Sports News & Entertainment

Show Synopsis       Computer Blues During the show Jay experienced technical difficulties with his PC. I am a very proud owner of a Mac and I tried to persuade Jay to dump his windows based garbage and integrate is life with Apple products. My valiant effort fell on deaf ears and he’s fortunate […]

November 03

“I Get My Guys Paid, NFL Week 8 Sucks, Dwight Howard Looking Good, Goodbye Cleveland, Hello Golden State, Voting A’int Easy, From Russia With Love”

“I Get My Guys Paid, NFL Week 8 Sucks, Dwight Howard Looking Good, Goodbye Cleveland, Hello Golden State, Voting A’int Easy, From Russia With Love”

October 28

“Roger Goodell is the rebirth of Gaddafi & Saddam. Who said Golden State couldn’t lose and why is it a big deal? We love the NBA. The NFL sucks, sorry London! Netflix: Family favoritism and betrayal.”””Chicken wings with Mumbo Sauce””

“Roger Goodell is the rebirth of Gaddafi & Saddam. Who said Golden State couldn’t lose and why is it a big deal? We love the NBA. The NFL sucks, sorry London! Netflix: Family favoritism and betrayal.””chicken wings with mumbo sauce”

October 21



October 14

The Mike Foster Jr. Show: “Denver Broncos Era of Plug and Play Quarterbacks is Over. Don’t Panic!! The Bengals must have forgotten the Cowboys run the ball. The Ravens Offense is Muff Garbage :( The Chargers Really die hard. The Giants and the Texans please give us a courtesy flush!! The village has a new idiot, Ryan Grigson. Ryan Fitzpatrick is crashing the Jets. LiL Kim has become Michael Jackson. Hating on trolls. NFL Owners and the League have ruined the game.”

October 14

“Denver Broncos Era of Plug and Play Quarterbacks is Over. Don’t Panic!! The Bengals must have forgotten the Cowboys run the ball. The Ravens Offense is Muff Garbage :( The Chargers Really die hard. The Giants and the Texans please give us a courtesy flush!! The village has a new idiot, Ryan Grigson. Ryan Fitzpatrick is crashing the Jets. LiL Kim has become Michael Jackson. Hating on trolls. NFL Owners and the League have ruined the game.”

THE OPEN GAME ANALYSIS: Broncos, Chargers, Ravens & Bengals COURTESY FLUSH: New York Giants & Houston Texans DEAD OR ALIVE: Harry Belafonte Hector Camacho Apollo Creed Lassie Lil Kim Looks like a Zombie Michael Jackson OCTAGON OF LOVE PICK THE LOSER SOUND ADVICE THE CLOSE

October 08

“The Passion Odell Beckham, Brutus Eli Manning and the inept Ben McAdoo”

“This week Mike & the crew discuss the passion of Odell Beckham, Eli Manning throwing  a teammate under the bus, Ben McAdoo weak leadership, & penalties and turnovers”.

October 05

“Ben McAdoo, Eli Manning and the Media Overreacting to Odell Beckham”

“The Show The Passion: Odell Beckham Giants vs. Vikings Penalties and Turnovers Pick the Loser Octagon of Love Die or alive Sound Advice The End”

October 04

“Mike Foster Jr. Show: They love you then they hate you “Odell Beckham”. They hate you then they love you “Hillary Clinton””.

“The Show Odell Beckham Hillary Trumps that Pig Washington Redskins Octagon of Love Sound Advice The End”

September 28

“Debating Crying Odell Beckham and Loving Tim Tebow While Hillary Beats Trump”

“The Show Garbage IN Garbage OUT: “The Washington Redskins” It’s Not Raining: “Odell Beckham Weeping” What Debate: “Hillary Trumped that PIG” Picking Losers: “AI NFL Weekly Picks” Octagon Of Love: “Tim Tebow and Ryan Fitzpatrick” Sound Advice: “Love Don’t Live Here Anymore” The End”

September 25

“The Star Spangled Banner to Inequality in America Today”

  “The Gift From A Racist: The Star Spangled Banner” Complete version of “The Star-Spangled Banner” showing spelling and punctuation from Francis Scott Key’s manuscript in the Maryland Historical Society collection. 

September 18

“Kirk Cousins Exposed”?

“The Show Kirk Cousins Washington Redskins Organization Bruce Allen When will they sit Cousins When will they fire Gruden The End”

September 18

“The Breakable Sam Bradford and RG3. The Untouchable Jeff Fisher and the Questionable Marcus Mariota”.

“The Show Sam Bradford vs. RG3 The untouchable: Jeff Fisher Questioning Marcus Mariota Weekly NFL Picks NFL Talk Sound Advice The End”

“Football Betting Diary”

September 10

“2 Virgins Betting NFL”

“The Show Our introduction into sports betting NFL Team Analysis This Weeks Picks Foster Out”

September 04

“The Bradford Trade, Trump Mexican, Fantasy Football”

“The Show Sam Bradford The Donald What can you get for a 1st & 4th round pick Wentz: Starting to early? Fantasy Football The End”

August 28

“Colin Kaepernick, Chip Kelly, Politics & Pop Culture, Football Talk, Sound Advice”

“The Show Colin Kaepernick Standing Against Injustice Chip Kelly Politics and Pop Culture Football Talk Sound Advice The End”

“Olympic Reverence, U.S. Olympic White Privilege, Gabby Douglas Trolls, Darren Sharper, NFL Preseason”

The Show Usain Bolt White Privilege Ryan Lochte Gabby Douglas Trolls Darren Sharper and Bill Cosby NFL Preseason Sound Advice



“Sound Advice:”Tiffany Trump is Smoking Hot”!!, RNC, No All Star in NC, Dennis Green, Marijuana, Griffey Jr. HOF, TBT”

The Show RNC All Star Game Marijuana Dennis Green Griffey Jr. Hall of Fame The Basketball Tournament Sound Advice: Tiffany Trump is Smoking Hot!!!  

“Tim Duncan. Serena Williams. Will the NFL survive? Draymond smacking suckers! Athletes & poor communities. A culture of violence. Prince.”

The Show Farewell Tim Duncan Serena Williams is the GREATEST ATHLETE EVER!! YES, better than Jordan!!! Will the NFL survive?  Will the NBA become America’s favorite sport? Draymond smacking suckers! Qandeel Baloch: A fragile existence. A culture of denigration and violence. 20 years with Prince. Sound Advice.  

“NBA and NFL Sports Talk, Brexit, United States Racism”

The Show NBA and NFL Sports Talk Brexit and the Lisbon Treaty Article 50 United States: A history of hate, racism and violence. United States: A Government disconnected from the people.  

July 06

Dwayne Wade Going Home

The Show Dwayne Wade Signs with the Bulls NBA super teams The Lakers will be better next year 😉 Denard Robinson’s car wanders into a lake 😦 Charles Barkley’s Houston Rockets Team  

July 06

Kevin Durant and NBA Talk

The Show Kevin Durant and Golden State NBA moves A Little NFL  

July 03

Athletes and Money

What I would do if I earned an athletes salary  

July 03

Athletes and Infidelity, Reality Personalities and O.J. Revisited

The Show: Fame and infamy; Kim Kardashian and Dolly Castro Infidelity. It’s easier than you think! Maybe? The quarterly podcast beef 😦 People with money!!!! Don’t give it away!!!! Offer opportunities!!! Sound Advice: Condoms. Lots of Condoms!! Almost forgot; OJ Made in America revisited..    

June 25

Lebron & History, StephExit, NBA Finals, Billionaires Sports Team Owners, Persuaded into Infidelity, kim kardashian

The Show Lebron chasing history, Steph Curry missing game, NBA Finals, Billionaire Team Owners ripping off taxpayers, Infidelity is just around the corner, Kim Kardashian is hot, but RayJay ruined her  

June 22

NBA Finals Cleveland Wins Over Curry and the Warriors

Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself. George Bernard Shaw    

June 20

NBA Finals and O.J. Simpson Made in America

Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.   Confucius

June 12

Steph Curry’s Ugly Shoes, The NBA Finals, Roni Rose, Infidelity

Steph Curry to Under Armour: That shoe is like a forty degree day. Ain’t nobody got nuttin’ to say about a forty degree day. Fifty? Bring a smile to your face. Sixty? Shit, you damn near barbecuing. Go down to twenty? You start complaining. But forty? Nobody cares about forty. Nobody remember forty, and ya’ll […]

June 06

Cleveland It’s Over

All my dreams have come to an end. The dream of Cleveland winning a championship in any sport is dead. I now recognize Cleveland is a cursed city. The 2016 NBA Finals have forced me to accept reality. This real feeling of sadness and despair has saturated my soul and my body aches. This pain […]

June 04

The Human Spirit

How will we judge a man when it is his time to depart the world? Integrity and genuineness? Muhammad Ali was and always will be the essences of genuineness and integrity. Ali showed us that impossible was absolutely possible. Muhammad Ali taught us that we must stand for our convictions or we will lose ourselves […]

May 31

Durant and Westbrook Didn’t Lose and Curry and the Warriors Didn’t Win

Curry and the Warriors are bananas in the tailpipe. You’ll See!!  

May 29

NBA Playoffs: OKC It’s over!!!

OKC is dead in the water.  Monday is just a technicality. Golden State won games 7 last night.  

May 29

? Is the NBA fixed or is Golden State really good? NBA 2016 Western Conference Finals Games Six

? Is the NBA fixed or is Golden State really good?

May 22

NBA Playoffs

AISportscast Show: NBA Playoffs Sound Advice

May 07

AISportsCast Boxing Conundrum

The Show Aint what it use to be (Paid Per View) New Boxers aren’t as good Yo Adrian Trumpsville The End

May 02

NFL Draft and NBA Playoffs

NFL Owners are new age Slave Owners Kids for Cash: The NFL Draft OKC whipped by the Spurs Warriorless in Oakland Sound Advice

April 09

NBA NFL American Culture Sports Talk Sound Advice

March 27

NBA Soft Steph Curry Spurs OKC Playoffs Lebron Twitter, NFL Dumb Denver Smart Cleveland RG3, Styling with Nike Air Force-1

NBA Soft Steph Curry Spurs OKC Playoffs Lebron Twitter, NFL Dumb Denver Smart Cleveland RG3 Draft Goff Best QB Tunsil Best OT, Styling with Nike Air Force-1    

March 12

NFL QuarterBack Free Agency, Golden State and the NBA, Sound Advice

March 09

Dumb and Dumber Houston Texans O’Brien and Smith

Brock Osweiler signing by Houston Texans the dumbest move so for in free agency. Kubiak maybe hating on RGIII because of his relationship with Mike Shanahan. Ten available Quarterbacks that are better than Osweiler Josh Freeman Mike Glennon Colin Kaepernick Robert Griffin III Kirk Cousins Sam Bradford Ryan Fitzpatrick T.J. Yates Matt Flynn Matt Moore

March 06

Peyton Manning

Peyton Manning the greatest Quarterback to have ever played in the NFL will announce his retirement tomorrow. Despite alleged sexual misconduct in college and possible HGH drug use Mr. Manning’s retirement will have a significant impact on the league.

March 06

Washington Redskins, Golden State, Daytona 500 Sprint Cup, Pop Culture

The Show: Kirk Cousins and the Washington Redskins Golden State and the NBA Daytona 500 Sprint Cup Pop Culture The End

February 13

Super Bowl 50. Cam Newton Woes. Beyonce Controversy. Peyton Manning, Who is he?

The Show: Cam can’t lose right Beyonce can’t dress right Peyton can’t act right Sound Advice The End  

February 06

Super Bowl 50, Warriors have already won the championship, Manziel: Affluenza or Trauma

Old school music Super Bowl 50: Epic battle between the past and the future Stop playing Basketball and give the finals championship to Golden State Manziel: Johnny’s problems stem from privilege or brain trauma Sound Advice      

January 31

Johnny Manziel and C.T.E

Mr. Manziel’s behavior since entering the NFL has been destructive.  Johnny has diminished his reputation as a NFL athlete and has caused trauma to the people closes to him.  Mr. Manziel’s open drug use and defiant attitude led most to believe that Johnny was exerting the benefits of his privilege life. We all know that […]

January 30

San Diego gets to keep the Chargers for another year

Whoopty Doo! The fans get to cheer for a team that doesn’t want them. Let’s be honest Qualcomm Stadium is a far better place to play Football than the Coliseum. The Chargers are doing themselves a favor by staying because they’ll make more money in San Diego until a new stadium is built in Los […]

January 30

A Portrait of Problems Johnny Manziel

The Fort Worth Police Department was called to the home of Johnny Manzel today. There was an alleged altercation between Mr. Manziel and his girlfriend. No arrest was made and no further details were released by the Forth Worth Police Department. In October of 2015 while on the highway Johnny Manziel and his girlfriend were […]

January 30

Blake Griffin Smack Down, Cam Race Hate, Super Bowl 50, Serena, Federer, Aussie Open, Tyler Sash

Blake checks his Lackey All Cam Newton criticism is racist hate I need Peyton Manning to win the Super Bowl Serena is in beast mode Federer is awesome Tyler Sash: Football is life and death          

January 29

Blake Griffin After Fight Press Conference

Griffin Versus Testi after fight press conference interview with TKO King Blake Griffin.    

January 29

T.K.O. King Blake Griffin

Whoa! Blake Griffin or Baby B. his street O.G. alterego got some built up hostility inside of him. Maybe this anger stems from the successful marriage Kayne and Kim are having. Or could it be that he had nightmares about the Warriors beating the Clippers by 45 points. Could it possibly be that he’s so […]

January 27

Tyler Sash Dead at 27

Mr. Sash was a former NFL player who was a member of the New York Giants. Tyler suffered from the brain disease CTE which is caused by concussions. Since being released from the Giants in 2013 and after suffering 5 concussions Tyler’s life was one of suffering.  Mr. Sash’s NFL career deteriorated his body which […]