Sex Dating and Marriage

In this podcast, Jay and Mike have an honest conversation about #sex and #relationships.

#Dating and #marriage isn’t easy. It can be quite treacherous to one’s emotional and mental state. The entertaining or introduction of sex to the #relationship can further complicate the situation. Be careful and mindful who you date. If #penis size and experience are qualifiers for a good mate you’ve got the wrong people and run!!! If #virginity or sexually deviate behavior is valued and requested you have the wrong people and run!!! Remember, peoples wants will expose who they are. Human beings are not to be gamed or played.  If you believe you’re engaging someone who is playing the game exit the engagement.  You’re worth it and your time will be better spent working on yourself than dealing with someone who thinks love is a sport.  Sex is not #hedonistic moments. Sex is the giving of oneself and that offer must be cherished. Sex is serious because the birth of an innocent children is a possible outcome. #Love yourself. Protect yourself. You are the most important person in your life. Spend that life time with people who value you and disassociate yourself with anyone who doesn’t.  You’re worth it.


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