NFL home of the alt right. NFL & Domestic Violence. Ray Lewis is the new O.J. Simpson.

In this podcast Mike and Jay Discuss:

Acts of domestic violence are cowardly and The #NationalFootballLeague has a plethora of cowards.  The latest wimp to display his masculine aggression against a woman is the knuckle head #EzekielElliot. Ezek the freak has been suspended for six games, but it looks like the #DallasCowboys are preparing to defame the victim #TiffanyThompson.








#RayLewis only cares about Ray Lewis which qualifies him to officially be listed as the new O.J. Simpson.  That’s right Ray Lewis is the new O.J. Ray Lewis doesn’t take a stand against anything and his ludicrous synopsis on #ColinKaepernick is just senseless. Ray Lewis is the poster child for coward, but Ray Lewis isn’t alone.  Most #NFL Owners are alt right, white nationalist, white supremacist cowards who fear thinking human beings. NFL and team personnel are cowards because they use race to value and diminish players. Most NFL players are cowards because they won’t stand up against injustice and will only support what the NFL tells them to support. These allegedly rough and tough men who go out on the football field to play this combative game are not heroes and should not be looked up to because they play a sport. Kaepernick should be looked up to because he stood up for people who are being murdered in the street by institutions that were founded to protect.



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