My goodbye to the NFL

I like football. I revere games that have epic offensive struggles and somehow the offense finds a way to win. I like how football illustrates team work.  Human beings coming together to achieve goals that no one person can achieve on their own. I like the discipline this game requires in order to be successful.  I love the people this game has exposed me to.  I love Vince Lombardi. In my opinion Lombardi is the God of Football. Lombardi taught me that leaders who embody love, commitment and trust can profoundly change peoples lives. I like football, but I will no longer participate in any way with the NFL and the teams. The NFL owners can do better to preserve players longer-term mental & physical health.  Players come into the league healthy and leave broken with drug addictions.  Years of being shot up with pain killers to play with injuries takes a toll and the NFL Owners just dump these men on the street when they’re done with them. CTE is killing players and ruining their families lives. There is no support for these players or their families. The NFL Owners don’t care and I won’t participate because this is not love. NFL Owners are aware of the negative impacts their game has on their players and they do nothing to support them. I won’t watch. This is not love.  This is hate. 

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