Part Two: Popcorn Punches NFL Owners Don’t Care

The Floyd McGregor fight will be available for your viewing pleasure for a mere $40 at your local movie theater. The aftermath that will occur in movie theaters across the country will be far more entertaining than the Floyd McGregor fight. Image Budweiser being flung in the air and fist of fury everywhere. UFC and Boxing fans can’t coexist in pease and harmony.  There’s going to be a plethora of dunk punching bags, shots fired and active trauma centers because fans of these two sports hunger for extreme violence and when they don’t get it they will act it out themselves.

NFL Owners are corrupt and morally bankrupt. These individuals create an environment where players will develop some form of brain damage if not CTE and will need extensive care for the rest of their lives. Does the NFL care? No! Players are commoditized and exploited. NFL Owners will not increase player compensation, guarantee contracts, contribute to player health care & assist with the end of life needs of players. The NFL franchise owners make more money than any other sports franchise and they do the least for their athletes.

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