Big Baller Brand


Big Baller Brand is making a splash onto the market. Controversy about the retail cost of the shoe is sparking conversations.  Proponents of the brand are looking beyond the cost. They are focusing on the potential opportunities to increase revenues and control their brand. Opponents see a selfish father attempting to cash in on his sons’ potential. The only thing special about this shoe is that it looks better than Steph Curry’s shoe. The Big Baller shoe looks like a Jordan brand mixed with a little New Balance. I don’t have a problem with charging an infinite amount of money for an irrelevant pair of shoes. Big Baller Brand is a good idea.  Players should create their own brands. My issue with Big Baller Brand is branding. Most people aren’t going to identify with Big Baller Brand.  The brands target market is urban ghetto mentality consumers. Big Baller Brand is a knuckle head brand for knuckle head people.


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