March 21

Golovkin vs. Jacobs: When Money Dictates Outcomes


Boxing has been known to be a corrupt sport. Judges have been dishonest. Managers and promoters have taken advantage of fighters and the best boxers aren’t given an opportunity to compete for championships because of money. Image the New England Patriots being denied to play in the super bowl because the Pittsburg Steelers would generate more revenue. It’s not right. The truth about the Golovkin Jacobs fight is that Jacobs won because he was the better boxer.  Jacobs won’t get another chance to fight triple-G because of money.  There’s a bigger payday for Golovkin, promoters and HBO PPV when triple-G fights Canelo. Golovkin wasn’t going to lose the fight unless he got knocked out and one can argue that HBO, the judges and promoters were all complicit in a dubious plan to skew the fight in triple-G’s favor.