Code Red!! Washington Redskins A Blazed!! No Water Please!! Let Them Burn!!


Robbing the Washington Redskins
Kirk Cousins and Jay Gruden

I think it has become quite obvious that Dan Synder the Owner of the Washington Redskins is now awake and aware that he has been bamboozled by Bruce Allen and Jay Gruden. Synder is so vexed that he will not make a good decision with the Kirk Cousins situation. Kirk doesn’t want to play for the team and Synder has the opportunity to trade him. Cousins is a problem. Kirk is not a great quarterback. Gruden has created a scheme that helps Kirk look good.  The dilemma is that the scheme is predicated on surrounding Cousins with strong talented players. The team has loss two of the strongest players who compensated for Cousins shortcomings Pierre Garçon and DeSean Jackson. These two players are difficult to replace and their absence will have a significant impact on Kirk Cousins performance. Synder needs to trade Cousins now. Kirk’s inflated value will allow the Redskins to obtain premium resources for a limited quarterback with below average talent.

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