Russell Westbrook and OKC in Cupcake Heaven



cupcakeWhat if Rosario Dawson was your girlfriend and she broke up with you. Rosario loves you and you love her, but you have issues.  She’s been with you for 10 years hoping you would change, but you haven’t and now Rosario has found someone who fulfills and supports her.  One day you run into Rosario at a restaurant and she’s with the love of her life and you’re alone.  Everyone loves Rosario and her new lover.  They’re American royalty.  You’re feeling hurt and your boys are polluting your brain. These guys are telling you things that aren’t true. They’re blowing you up and when you see Rosario with her new love it brings you down. It’s at this moment you realize Rosario was your everything.  She was the highlight of your life and now she’s gone and you know you’ll never find someone as good as her. You do your best to live your life, but the glory is gone and you struggle with resentment. Kevin Durant is Russell Westbrook’s Rosario Dawson.  Durant was everything Westbrook needed, but Russell is a ball hog maniac who wanted Kevin to take a backseat to him. Durant is the superior player and Westbrook’s greed and selfishness made it easy to leave OKC. Durant isn’t cupcake, but OKC and Westbrook are. Eat up you losers.

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