February 05

Who Cares About The Super Bowl When Kirk Cousins Can’t Get Right.

The AI Show

Who cares about the Super Bowl. The NFL won’t let anyone say the word unless you’ve paid for the privilege to say Super Bowl. What is a super bowl? Is it a yummy super duper bowl of Brandon Routh? [Side Note “I think Keanu Reeves would make an exceptional Superman”]. Is the super bowl a place where Gremlins who ate after midnight defecate?  Is a super bowl an eating vessel of the Jolly Green Giant? Would Paul Bunyan be pissed off if I missed placed his super bowl? The NFL is DUMB!! Forcing organizations to pay for the privilege to use the term Super Bowl diminishes free advertising for the game. If media outlets are free to use the term super bowl and they promote the game throughout the day don’t you think that just maybe some people who weren’t planning to watch the game may view it? #RodgerGoodellDumb #NFLOwnersRGreedy #NFLRipsUOff


Kirk Cousins

Kirk Cousins

Kirk Cousins is a real douche bag. This guy is a lunatic. You don’t push a volunteer official at a charity flag football game. What an idiot.  This is the dude everyone expects to be a great quarterback, but he can’t get right on the field, he’s a buffoon off the field and an all around obnoxious branding clown. Kirk Cousins is a small guy with a weak inaccurate arm that will be forgotten in 3 years. #KirkCousinsIsGarbage #Don’tPayKirkCousins #LetSFHaveKirkCousins