Life with Rondo a Chicago Bulls Tragedy

unknownI use to like Rondo.  When he was in Boston Rondo was a great player and the Celtics thought they could build a future around him, but his antagonist personality ruined his opportunity to be a star in Boston, Dallas, Sacramento and now Chicago. This guy lives in his head and the echoes he hears are “Rondo the Great” “Rondo is Omnipotent”, “Rondo is Omnipresent”, “Rondo is omniscient”. The truth is that Rondo never developed a jump shot, Rondo doesn’t have the range to shot the 3 and Rondo is afraid of physical play that’s why he no longer drives to the basket to get his shots. Rondo can no longer help a team advance.  For Rondo it’s all about collecting a pay check now. Chicago gave Rondo $28 million for two years. They overpaid in a market where no one wanted this guy on their team.  The Bulls need to get a new GM because the addition of Rondo to this team has hurt there opportunity to go deep in the playoffs. This week’s podcast we discuss the inner workings of the mind of Rondo.

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