January 23

Overrated “Rodgers pass to Cook” The Packers and Steelers are susceptible to losing.


I love Aaron Rodgers. He’s the greatest to ever play the game, but last week’s pass to gain the yardage necessary for Crosby to kick the game winning field goal was not clutch.  The pass was spectacular. The drama of the final catch was intense and it was a hell of a way to beat the Cowboys. When Aaron Rodgers threw the ball what was the risk?  Think about it. What was Green Bay really risking on that play? Nothing. The game was tied with thirty seconds left on the clock. If none of Green Bay receivers were open Rodgers would have thrown the ball away and played to win the game in overtime. It was a risk free pass that took no courage. Jared Cook was going to catch the ball or the ball was going to land out of bounds. It was good situational football and the coach should be praised for scheming it, but we really shouldn’t classify this as one of Aaron Rodgers great passes, because he’s thrown far more spectacular passes when the risk was higher.