Batman vs. Superman and Redskins vs. Kirk Cousins.


rdskThe Washington Redskins my be dumb enough to sign Kirk Cousins to a $100 million dollar deal. Kirk’s production is great on paper, but the paper is thin and the reality is that Cousins performance is lifted by the talent that surrounds him. Without Jordan Reed, DeSean Jackson and Pierre Garçon Kirk Cousins is a mediocre QB.  The Skins my feel compelled to sign Cousins because of the limited options a QB in the market, but it you look at what Cousins does Colt McCoy could easily step in and do the job. If the Washington Redskins are smart they will let the market determine Cousins value. Management should allow Cousins to shop around to see what other teams will offer him and if he gets that great deal else where the Redskins should be completely content to allow another team to over pay him. Cousins isn’t the only options. Washington should consider Jay Cutler if he becomes available. He’s a far better QB than Cousins and the team will be able to sign him on the cheap. This will allow Washington to resign Garçon and hopefully Jackson, but DeSean may be looking to part ways with Washington because of Grudens bombastic attitude. The Redskins need to make sound decisions because the division just became extremely competitive. Currently the defense is inadequate to compete in the division and if DeSean and Garçon leave the team signing Kirk Cousins will be irrelevant because the team will lack the talent to elevate Cousins Game.

bvsYou have a best friend who has never betrayed you. This friend has always been there for you and recuses you from peril. This friend looks out for you and guards over you to keep you safe. This friend does all these things and ask for nothing in return. What a great friend! This friend is Superman and in Batman vs. Superman the people of Metropolis allowed the manic depressive maniac Batman persuade them Superman was a danger to the planet. My take away from the movie was that Batman was a jealous loser who hated Superman and the people of Metropolis were dumb to question Superman’s intent. Lex Luther Jr. was an idiot loser. This movie stretched the boundaries of this character. Lex Luther Jr. was the exact opposite of Lex Luther. The character wasn’t smart, debonair, courageous or cunning. Lex Luther Jr. was just a loser. nwwWonder Woman was disappointing. She wasn’t sexy and voluptuous. This Wonder Woman was the exact opposite of Lynda Carter. This movie sucked. Maybe the film makers would have better success if they stayed true to the past instead of manufacturing heroes no one wants.



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