Owner Washington Redskins January 02

The Washington Redskins and Ohio State personify mediocrity.

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Washington RedskinsThe Washington Redskins and Ohio State University Football share a common trait, Mediocrity. Under Dan Snyder’s ownership the Washington Redskins have fallen from a tradition of championship excellence to a subpar below average football team. Dan Snyder is a failed leader who lacks vision and because this team has no leadership they find themselves in perpetual turmoil.

urban-meyerUrban Meyer and the Ohio State University were blown out of Friday’s game. Why? Defensive failures. Why? Greg Schiano! Urban Meyers failed the football program at Ohio State when he hired Schiano as defensive coordinator. Schiano does’t know how to develop players and lacks a fundamental understanding of human connectivity.  It was also obvious Friday that Schiano is not ready to coach on this level because his defensive schemes couldn’t stop Clemson. Firing Schiano will solve Ohio State’s problem.