Ride or Die with Cardi B. North Carolina Republicans are the Craziest! Rogue One The New Old Star Wars.

The Show

north-carolinaDarkness has fallen upon the state of North Carolina.  The evil extremist white supremacist Republicans of the North Carolina legislator undermined democracy last week. These malicious autocrats held a white males only special session.  The purpose of this special session was to disenfranchise the citizens of North Carolina, limit the power of the Democratic Govern Elect Roy Cooper, and secure their hold on power for millennia. These satanic white supremacist extremist Republican legislators have valued to destroy democracy, equality, and liberty for all none white supremacist males.   The Republican party of North Carolina has passed laws that are reminiscent of the Jim Crow era and the cruel hypocrisy of the separate but equal ideology embraced by America in the last century.  This move of absolute control over the state government is a desperate attempted to change the course of progress in North Carolina. We should be worried because these Republicans are callous and act with malice. If they are able to illegally diminish the Governor Elect and strip people of their right to vote, then they will be embolden to take further extreme actions which will lead to the deaths of innocent people.

star-warsGeorge Lucas gave us a gift with Star Wars.  These movies will be enjoyed by audiences forever. The only issue I have with the Stars Wars franchise is the first three movies.  No not the first three made, but the first three stories of the Star Wars Epic. They were bad and didn’t hold up to the original movies. Now we have the Rogue One and the Force Awakens.  I enjoyed the Force Awakens. The movie was true to the story of Star Wars, but all it did was retell the stories of the original three movies. From the previews the Rogue One feels exotic and exciting. This movie is the bridge between Star Wars Episode three and the New Hope. Think of it as the story that comes after the last bad movie and before the first good movie. I have some reservations about the Rogue One mostly about the writing, but if we’re honest Star Wars scripts have never been good. Star Wars success is predicated on the actors and what they bring to the character.



jediHave you ever noticed in the Star Wars movies the Jedi are always on the run or hiding from issues. The Jedi never attempt to solve problems or defeat evil before humanity is near annihilation. Think back to Star Wars the New Hope.  Obi-Wan was just chilling in a desert cave while Darth Vader and the Empire were enslaving the galaxy. What did Obi-Wan do to help solve the problem?  Obi-Wan waited unto Skywalker showed up, then he burden Luke with the responsibility of defeating the absolute evil in the universe.  What did Yoda do to stop Vader in the Empire Strikes Back? He gave Luke some basic training and then burdens him with the truth about his father and then required Luke to kill his father in order to save the universe. Did Yoda fight? No! Yoda chilled out in a swamp and left the heavy lifting to Luke. Skywalker is no hero. When his nephew succumbs to the dark side of the force and joins the brutal New Order (Nazi’s in Space) Luke goes into hiding. Jedi’s aren’t special and their contributions to successful campaigns equate to one percent.  99% of the effort to achieve success is contributed by ordinary people with no special powers. They are the true heroes because they confront tyranny immediately.


chante-mooreUnsung a TV show on TVONE premise is exposing unappreciated artist to the world. Chante Moore was featured in an episode. For all her beauty and talent Chante Moore is an absolute knucklehead. Ms. Moore is the extremely needy type and if you feed her narcissism Chante will devour, excrete and flush you away.  It’s fun how Ms. Moore’s persona of the 1990’s was not a true representation, but a marketing ploy to maximize profits.


I love Cardi B. She’s the type of woman I want by my side if it ever hits the fan.  Her ride or die mentality and charismatic personality are refreshing.  I support Cardi B and I’m happy for her success.  Check her out on VH1 New York Love and Hip Hop.



I hate the college football playoff committee. I think the conference champions should have the right to play for a national title. If you really want to make it exciting let’s have a December Madness where the top 15 teams from division I, II, and III compete in the playoffs for a national championship.

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