The NFL Playoff Scenarios and Please Don’t Steal Christmas Gifts

The Show

jfThis week Jay and Mike discussed whether Carolina had a chance of making the playoffs if they ran the table.  The two agreed that Cam and the Panthers have no chance in making the playoffs and their greatest accomplishment this year is to spoil the playoff hopes of Washington and Tampa Bay. The gentlemen were at awe with Atlanta’s remarkable ability to dismantle their season with inconsistent game play. All praises to the greatest Quarterback to ever play the game Aaron Rodgers. Mr. Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers are going to win their division, the NFC, but lose the super bowl to the Kansas City Chiefs. Oh where oh where will Fitzpatrick land. He’s definitely out of New York which is a blessing for him because the Jets ownership is horrible. Mike thinks Fitz will make a good backup QB and his veteran experience will add value to a team. The football Gods have awakened!! The untouchable head coach of the LA Rams Jeff Fisher has been fired!! Hip hip hooray!! Hip hip hooray!! Coach Fisher has ruined careers by running his players into the ground without care or regard for the mental and physical consequences they suffered. Should he coach again? I hope not. I think his mentality towards players and the game is archaic. Is time running out for RG3 in Cleveland? His critics were harsh on his performance Sunday but to his defense this was his first game in 10 weeks.  Give the kid a break. I think the last two games of the season will determine whether Hue Jackson the head coach of the Cleveland Browns will stick with Robert Griffin III as his starting QB. Washington don’t be fooled!! The skins didn’t beat Philly.  The Eagles beat themselves. The last two weeks Kirk Cousins has shown you the limits of his ability and the limits of Jay Gruden’s offensive scheme.  Don’t pay that man hundreds of millions of dollars. Cousins success is predicated on the high level of talent that surrounds him. Pay DeSean Jackson not Kirk. Pay Pierre Garçon. Not Kirk. Pay the people who make Kirk Cousins better because Kirk doesn’t make anyone better.

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