The Exaggerated Abilities and Facade of Kirk Cousins



The Synopsis 

Robbing the Washington Redskins
Kirk Cousins & Jay Gruden

Kirk Cousins is the luckiest person in Washington D.C. He has a coach who believes in him and the Washington D.C. fans are completely sold on him.  You like that was a hit.  Cousins has changed from that guy on the bench backing Robert Griffin III to transforming into RG3. How has he become RG3 like? The guy’s branding and self awareness is egregious and his positive motivational persona feels fallacious. Robert Griffin III was banished from D.C. because of his ingenuous character.  Griffin’s motivational speeches and communications were deemed distractions and his individual branding was considered selfish. Kirk Cousins is doing the exact same thing as RG3. The one major difference is that Cousins has the support of Jay Gruden. If the coach loves you all your flaws become lemon drop kisses. Unfortunately for Coach Gruden those kisses may become sour.  Statistically Kirk Cousins is having a phenomenal season. Cousins is among the top six quarterbacks in completions (299), passing yards (3,540), quarterback rating (101.4), Total QBR (74.2), yards per attempt (8.1), adjusted net yards per attempt (7.80), and completion percentage (68.4). Cousins is on pace to pass for over 5,000 yards this season which would place him in the company of
Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, and 
Drew Brees. This is unfortunate for Jay Gruden because Cousins is playing on a one year contract and next season he will command a deal of well over $100 millions dollars. In order to give Cousins his contract the team will not sign back DeSean Jackson and Pierre Garçon. I think Gruden undervalues Jackson and Garçon.  I think Gruden believes in his offensive system and that he can easily replace these receivers.  I have to admit the system works, but not because it’s a great system or Kirk Cousins quarterback game play. The system and Cousins shine because of the talent on offensive. The league fears DeSean Jackson.  His speed is unmatched in the NFL and that scares the hell out of defensive coordinators. DeSean’s on field presence opens up opportunities for other offensive players because defenses are focused on Jackson to prevent big plays. Pierre Garçon is a machine. He catches the ball in tight coverage.  Pierre breaks tackles to gain additional years. This guy catches everything that is thrown his way.  Gruden will not be able to replace this level of talent.  The future for Washington with Cousins as their $100 million dollar man is bleak. The division is too competitive and giving Kirk Cousins the contract he wants will hinder the team from keeping great players and signing good players.  If Washington doesn’t win the Super Bowl this year it will probably be a half of decade before they reach the playoffs. If Dan Snyder and Scot McCloughan are serious about restoring the Washington Redskins to a winning team they will not sign Kirk Cousins to a $100 million dollar contract. I think they need to take the risk of letting him go and they will lose him if they don’t give him the money he wants because there is always a sucker (NY Jets) willing to part with their cash.  The honest truth is that Cousins is not doing anything extraordinary and he’s not making anyone better around him. Colt McCoy can do what Kirk has done so far this season.  Jay Cutler will be available next season.  He’s a better quarterback than Kirk Cousins and Washington will be able to sign him for a significant discount as compared to Kirk. In my opinion the decision is clear.  If an average at best quarterback is demanding to be the highest paid player in the NFL let him go get the money elsewhere because the success of the franchise is more important than rewarding some dude’s exaggerated abilities and inflated ego.




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