Weekly Foozball Outlook: Week 6

Last Week’s Record: 8-5

Season Record: 32-25 

Last Week’s Best Fantasy Player Prediction:  Tom Brady QB, Patriots (Ranked #3 according to NFL.com). Easiest pick ever

Last Week’s Worst Fantasy Player Prediction: Phillip Dorsett, WR Colts (Ranked #127 according to NFL.com)

Alright! Another week over .500.  Let’s see if I can get a 10 win week now….On to the games.

Eagles @ Washington:  No Jordan Reed this week due to a concussion, but Washington has enough weapons on offense to get the close win.  The Eagles have a really good front four on defense, but Washington’s offense is built to get the ball out quickly.

Pick: Washington

Fantasy Player of the Game: Jamison Crowder WR, Washington.  With Reed out, Crowder becomes the new “security blanket” for Kirk Cousins.

Steelers @ Dolphins:  The Dolphins are really bad…

Pick: Steelers

Fantasy Player of the Game: Antonio Brown WR, Steelers.  The Dolphins secondary is not good and will be without its best defense back Reshad Jones.  Brown should have at least 150 and 2 TDs.

Jaguars @ Bears: Hoyer is still the QB?

Pick: Jaguars

Fantasy Player of the Game: Julius Thomas TE, Jaguars.  When healthy, Thomas is a factor in the Jaguars passing game, but staying healthy has been the problem.  Coming off of a bye and having time to heal, Thomas should have a very good game against a weak Bears defense

Browns @ Titans: Sorry Browns fans, no win this week.

Pick: Titans

Fantasy Player of the Game: Delanie Walker TE, Titans.  Cleveland has a tough time stopping TEs.

Bengals @ Patriots:  The Bengals schedule has been tough is the first couple of weeks and it will not get easier today.  The Bengals have enough on defense to compete, but their offense is still banged up.

Pick: Patriots

Fantasy Player of the Game: Julian Edelman WR, Patriots.  With all of the attention being on Gronkowski and Bennett, Edelman will benefit.

49ers @ Bills:  Kaepernick is back starting for the 49ers and should give their offense a boost, but the Bills defense is starting to come together.

Pick: Bills

Fantasy Player of the Game:  Carlos Hyde RB, 49ers.  With Kaepernick in the backfield, running lanes should be wider for Hyde.

Ravens @ Giants: The Ravens fire Offensive Coordinator Marc Trestman only to replace him with…Marty Morhenweg

Pick: Giants

Fantasy Player of the Game: Odell Beckham Jr WR, Giants.  Beckham has not had that breakout game yet, this should be the week.

Rams @ Lions: One more loss and the Rams record will feel right.

Pick: Lions

Fantasy Player of the Game: Golden Tate, WR Lions.  It has been a really rough year for Tate.  Most analysts thought Tate would breakout in the absence of Calvin Johnson, but it has been Marvin Jones.  Tate should have a big game.

Panthers @ Saints:  Newton is back from injury and gets the Saints…

Pick: Panthers

Fantasy Player of the Game:  Greg Olsen TE, Panthers.  This game should be a high scoring and Olsen has been great this year.

Chiefs @ Raiders:  Raiders have been in close games all year and this game will be close as well.  The Chiefs defense will be the difference today.

Pick: Chiefs

Fantasy Player of the Game: Jamaal Charles RB, Chiefs.  Charles should be able to take advantage of the Raiders run defense (27th in the NFL).

Cowboys @ Packers:  This is a game where Dak Prescott needs Dez Bryant.  The Packers defense is good against short passing games and Dallas has not shown the ability yet to throw the ball downfield.

Pick: Packers

Fantasy Player of the Game:  Randall Cobb WR, Packers.  Green Bay only has one running back active.  Expect Cobb to lineup in the backfield a lot this game.

Falcons @ Seahawks:  In what is expected to be a rainy game, the Falcons high powered offense will come to a halt against Seattle’s defense.

Pick: Seahawks

Fantasy Player of the Game: Russell Wilson QB, Seahawks.  I would not recommend picking anyone from this game, but since I have to pick one it would be Wilson.  Wilson will be productive through the air and on the ground.

Colts @ Texans:  The NFL can not start flexing games now?  This sh0uld be an easy win for the Texans, but Brock Osweiler levels the playing field for the Colts.

Pick: Texans

Fantasy Player of the Game: DeAndre Hopkins WR, Texans.  If he does not have a big game against the Colts defense, blame Osweiler.  He should be a lock for over 100 yards and a TD.

Jets @ Cardinals:  Who will have more turnovers this week, Carson Palmer or Ryan Fitzpatrick?

Pick: Cardinals

Fantasy Player of the Game: Michael Floyd WR, Cardinals.  Brown & Fitzgerald have had their big fantasy games, this should be Floyd’s game.

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