Weekly Foozball Outlook: Week 5

“Last Week’s Record: 8-6

Season Record: 24-20 (Alright! Still over .500)

Last Week’s Best Fantasy Player Prediction:  Derek Carr QB, Raiders (Ranked #8 according to NFL.com)

Last Week’s Worst Fantasy Player Prediction: Theo Riddick RB, Lions (Ranked #127 according to NFL.com)

Welcome back!  Another week over .500 and probable my best fantasy prediction week.  Only 3 players finished outside of the Top 100 in fantasy points and 8 players finished in the top 50.

Now time for the picks…

Texans @ Vikings: Brock Osweiler against a good defense?  I know which way this one is going…

Pick: Vikings

Fantasy Player of the Game: Jerick McKinnon RB, Vikings.  I do not expect this to be a high scoring game, but McKinnon will be heavily involved in the Vikings offense.

Bears @ Colts:  Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network reports that Brian Hoyer can keep the starting job if he continues to play well. Do not worry Cutler, you should get your job back.

Pick: Colts

Fantasy Player of the Game:  Phillip Dorsett WR, Colts.  The Colts do not have too many offensive weapons and I think the Bears will try to take T.Y. Hilton out of the game.  Dorsett can stretch the field and should be able to get deep against the Bears secondary.

Jets @ Steelers:  Jets QB Ryan Fitzpatrick has thrown 9 nine interceptions in the last two games.  Even if the throws 3 or more against the Steelers, he will continue to start.

Pick: Steelers

Fantasy Player of the Game:  Ben Roethlisberger QB, Steelers.  The Jets secondary is not the same (Revis inactive also) and Roethlisberger will take advantage of it.

Titans @ Dolphins: This will be the Dolphins breakout game.  Mariota has looked shaky so far, but part of that is Mike Mularkey’s offense.

Pick: Dolphins

Fantasy Player of the Game:  Ryan Tannehill QB, Dolphins.  Should have no less than 300 yards and 3 TDs.

Eagles @ Lions:  I have a weird feeling about this game.  The Eagles front seven is legit, but I still have questions about their secondary.

Pick: Lions

Fantasy Player of the Game:  Matthew Stafford QB, Lions.  Please do not prove me wrong.

Patriots @ Browns: Tom Brady’s first game back. Take a guess who I am picking…

Pick: Patriots

Fantasy Player of the Game:  Tom Brady, QB Patriots.  It is Tom Brady’s first game back and it is against the Browns.

Washington @ Ravens:  This was toughest game for me to pick.  Washington is talented on offense, but they always find a way to lose in Baltimore.

Pick: Ravens

Fantasy Player of the Game:  Terrence West RB, Ravens.  Washington is giving up 4.9 yards per carry.

Falcons @ Broncos:  It seems The Broncos can plug anyone at QB and have success…that ends this week.

Pick: Falcons

Fantasy Player of the Game:  Devonta Freeman RB, Falcons.  Freeman should have a big game and will not have to shoulder the load having Tevin Coleman as his backup.

Bengals @ Cowboys:  Dak Prescott is good, but he will throw his first two interceptions today against a strong Bengals defense.

Pick: Bengals

Fantasy Player of the Game:  A.J. Green WR, Bengals.  The Dallas defense is giving up 263 yards per game and seven touchdowns through the air.  Those stats should be worse, but Dallas had a game against the 49ers.  Green should have at least 125 yards and a TD.

Chargers @ Raiders:  Chargers coach Mike McCoy lives another week…or at least until Thursday when they face the Broncos.

Pick: Chargers

Fantasy Player of the Game:  Philip Rivers QB, Chargers.  Rivers will find a way to close out the 4th Quarter.

Bills @ Rams:  The Rams are 3-1 and averaging 15.8 PPG…this can not continue.

Pick: Bills

Fantasy Player of the Game:  Tyrod Taylor QB, Bills.  Should have at least 50 yards rushing, 250 yards passing, and 2 TDs.

Giants @ Packers: As I stated last week, The Giants are in “mid-season form” which means this is a game the Giants should lose, but will win.

Pick: Giants

Fantasy Player of the Game:  Aaron Rodgers QB, Packers.  This game will be a shootout and it will not be his fault that the Packers will lose.

Buccaneers @ Panthers:  Cam Newton is not playing…

Pick: Buccaneers

Fantasy Player of the Game:  Mike Evans WR, Buccaneers.  He is not Juilo, but will have a big day.”


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