Weekly Foozball Outlook: Week 4

“Last Week’s Record: 8-7 (Two weeks in a row!)

Season Record: 16-14

Last Week’s Best Fantasy Player Prediction:  Jameis Winston QB, Buccaneers (Ranked #8 according to NFL.com)

Last Week’s Worst Fantasy Player Prediction: Kelvin Benjamin WR, Panthers & Ameer Abdullah RB, Lions.  One played, the other did not. Both ended up with zero points…

Enough about my terrible fantasy advice (hopefully nobody followed it).  Let’s get straight to the picks.

Colts @ Jaguars: “America’s” sleeper team, the Jaguars, have been asleep for quite some time.  Maybe, being in London will help them out…

Pick:  Colts

Fantasy Player of the Game:  Allen Robinson WR, Jaguars.  Should have at least 2 TDs.

Bills @ Patriots:  No way the Patriots can go 4-0 without Brady…

Pick:  Bills

Fantasy Player of the Game:  Lesean McCoy RB, Bills.  Looked really good last week.  Was it the new coordinator or the opponent?

Titans @ Texans:  Texans have lost “G.I. Joe” for the year, but their defense is still really good.

Pick:  Texans

Fantasy Player of the Game:  Lamar Miller RB, Texans. I still can not trust Brock Osweiler yet and Miller will be the most consistent player on their offense for now.

Lions @ Bears:  Brian Hoyer is still starting for the Bears so…

Pick:  Lions

Fantasy Player of the Game:  Theo Riddick RB, Lions.  With Ameer Abdullah on IR, Riddick will have plenty of touches.

Panthers @ Falcons:  The Panthers offense could not get anything going last week due to a very good Vikings defense….The Falcons defense is not scaring anyone

Pick:  Panthers

Fantasy Player of the Game:  Cam Newton QB, Panthers.  “Bounce back” game.

Seahawks @ Jets:  Even though Russell Wilson is banged up, it does not matter because having Ryan Fitzpatrick on the other side makes the playing field even.

Pick:  Jets

Fantasy Player of the Game:  Brandon Marshall WR, Jets.  Regardless of the defense he faces, Marshall always finds a way to get his catches.

Raiders @ Ravens: This commercial of the Ravens Kicker Justin Tucker is the only reason for my pick…

Pick: Raiders

Fantasy Player of the Game:  Derek Carr QB, Raiders.  The Ravens defense, statistically, is one of the best in the NFL, but their first 3 opponents were not “offensive powerhouses”.  Carr should be able to take advantage of a weak Ravens secondary.

Browns @ Washington:  Just when Browns fans think it can not get any worse, it actually does.  On a serious note, I hope Josh Gordon going into rehab is the start of getting himself together.

Pick: Washington

Fantasy Player of the Game: Kirk Cousins QB, Washington.  I instantly developed “Carpal Tunnel Syndrome” typing “Kirk Cousins” and “Player of the Game” in the same sentence…Yes, I know it is Fantasy Football, but it still hurts.

Broncos @ Buccaneers:  My sleeper team, the Buccaneers, have been asleep for quite some time.  Maybe playing at home will help them out….? Nope, that did not work last week.

Pick:  Broncos

Fantasy Player of the Game: Demaryius Thomas WR, Broncos.  The Buccaneers defense is tied for 4th in passing TDs allowed.

Rams @ Cardinals:  The Rams are 2-1 and average 15.3 PPG…no one expects this to continue.

Pick: Cardinals

Fantasy Player of the Game:  Michael Floyd WR, Cardinals.  Off to a slow start this year, this should be the game where he picks it up.

Cowboys @ 49ers:  No Dez, no problem.  You are facing a Blaine Gabbert led offense.

Pick:  Cowboys

Fantasy Player of the Game:  Cole Beasley WR, Cowboys.  This guy is always open and with no Dez Bryant, he should get plenty of opportunities.

Saints @ Chargers: Chargers have a problem stopping teams in the 4th Quarter…The Saints have a problem teams all game.

Pick:  Chargers

Fantasy Player of the Game:  Philip Rivers QB, Chargers.  After 3 weeks, I think there is more than enough proof for picking the opposing QB playing the Saints.

Chiefs @ Steelers:  The Chiefs defense is good…but not “six interceptions in one game” good.

Pick:  Steelers

Fantasy Player of the Game: Le’Veon Bell RB, Steelers.  Should be able to jump right back in the offense with no problem.

Giants @ Vikings:  Odell fighting Kicking Nets, Eli literally throwing away games, and the Giants losing a game they should have won…Yup, the Giants are getting in mid-season form.

Pick: Vikings

Fantasy Player of the Game:  Jerick McKinnon RB, Vikings.  I think McKinnon has the talent to be a #1 back, if the Vikings decide to move on from Peterson.”