Weekly Foozball Outlook: Week 3

“Week 3 is upon us and we already seen the Texans get shutout by the Patriots (good thing I do not pick Thursday night games…I would have picked the Texans…whew!).

There are a couple of interesting match-ups this week including tests for young QB’s in Trevor “There Is So Much Upside, You See It Right?” Siemian going against the Bengals and Carson “The Second Coming of Joe Montana” Wentz against the Steelers.

Should be a good week of games, now let’s get to the picks!

Last Week’s Record 8-7 (Over .500!)

Last Week’s Best Fantasy Player Prediction: Cam Newton, QB Panthers (Ranked #1 in Fantasy Points)…Nailed it!

Last Week’s Worst Fantasy Player Prediction: Jay Cutler, QB Bears (Ranked #218 in Fantasy Points)…Told you I would regret that pick

Ravens @ Jaguars:  The Jaguars have gotten off to a horrendous start giving up 32.5 PPG (Tied for 30th) and the “Blake Bortles Led Offense” is only scoring 18.5 PPG….having said that my pick is….

Pick: Jaguars

*Fantasy Player of the Game:  Allen Robinson WR, Jaguars:  He will get back on track this week.

Lions @ Packers:  “Something is wrong in Green Bay” -Mike of the AIsportscast…You are on to something Mike, but not this week.

Pick: Packers

Fantasy Player of the Game:  Ameer Abdullah RB, Lions:  This game may turn into a shootout the Packers defense will be without Sam Shields and Clay Matthews

Washington @ Giants:  Norman vs. Beckham, Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!…This matchup definitely will not be like the first because the refs will not allow it.  Washington has a problem stopping one receiver…now they have to face three.

Pick: Giants

Fantasy Player of the Game:  Odell Beckham WR, Giants:  Last year most viewers felt that Norman did an excellent job covering Beckham (even though Beckham had 6 for 76 yards and a TD), but a lot of people forget Beckham dropped a wide open touchdown that could have inflated his numbers even more.

Browns @ Dolphins: The Browns have more injuries than touchdowns…

Pick: Dolphins

Fantasy Player of the Game: Jarvis Landry WR, Dolphins:  Cleveland is allowing big passing plays consistently.

Vikings @ Panthers:  The Vikings defense is REALLY good….The Panthers defense is better

Pick: Panthers

Fantasy Player of the Game:  Kelvin Benjamin WR, Panthers:  I would not pick a lot of players from this game, especially if you are doing Daily Fantasy for money.  With no Jonathan Stewart, Benjamin becomes the best red zone option other than Cam.

Broncos @ Bengals:  Broncos are 2-0 and their defensive looks just as good as last years despite their losses.  Part of me wants to pick the Broncos, but I will go with the home team in this one.

Pick: Bengals

Fantasy Player of the Game:  Jeremy Hill RB, Bengals:  I do not think Hill will have a lot of yards, but he will get a couple of goal line TDs.  Expect a stat line of 15-17 carries, 40-60 yards, a TD or two.

Cardinals @ Bills:  It is not getting any easier for Rex Ryan and the Bills, after this matchup they head to New England.  Buffalo may not get a win until Week 5.

Pick: Cardinals

Fantasy Player of the Game:  Carson Palmer QB, Cardinals:  Did you see what Ryan Fitzpatrick did to the Bills last week???  I know I used that line already, but c’mon!  Did you see it???

Raiders @ Titans:  Tajae Sharpe, you let me down last week.  You are no longer my Offensive Rookie of the Year

Pick: Raiders

Fantasy Player of the Game:  Derrick Henry RB, Titans:  Is starting to steal some carries from DeMarco Murray, I could see Henry starting to take some of the goal line work

Rams @ Buccaneers:  Do not put too much stock into the Rams win last week and do not put too much stock into the Buccaneers loss last week.

Pick: Buccaneers

Fantasy Player of the Game:  Jameis Winston QB, Buccaneers:  The Buccaneers will have a lot of opportunities to score because the Rams will have to consistently punt.

49ers @ Seahawks:  Who do I have more faith in…Russell Wilson and a bad offensive line or Blaine Gabbert and a decent offensive line?

Pick: Seahawks

Fantasy Player of the Game:  Russell Wilson QB Seahawks:  Some how, some way with the awful offensive line, Russell Wilson will have a great game.

Steelers @ Eagles:  This is the week analysts will say “Carson Wentz looked like a rookie this week”.

Pick:  Steelers

Fantasy Player of the Game:  Antonio Brown WR, Steelers:  He can not be stopped…Except for last week.

Jets @ Chiefs:  The Jets offense is explosive, but when Ryan Fitzpatrick has a really good game…it is only right for him to have one of these games

Pick: Chiefs

Fantasy Player of the Game: Jeremy Maclin WR, Chiefs:  Maclin has been a tricky play since joining the Chiefs.  Maclin will always get his catches (Good for PPR leagues), but his yards are always tough to judge with Alex Smith as his QB.

Chargers @ Colts:  This is the toughest game for me to pick this week….

Pick: Colts

Fantasy Player of the Game:  Andrew Luck QB, Colts:  Post game will sound like this….”Andrew Luck is back”.  “He just had to shake of the rust.”  “The players around him finally helped out this week”.

Bears @ Cowboys:  This is the easiest game for me to pick this week…

Pick: Cowboys

Fantasy Player of the Game:  Dak Prescott QB, Cowboys:  With Brian Hoyer being the QB for the Bears this week, The Cowboys will have so many opportunities to score.  Combined 3 TDs for Dak (2 Passing, 1 Rushing).

Falcons @ Saints:  With Falcons/Saints match-ups always pick the home team…

Pick: Falcons

Fantasy Player of the Game:  Matt Ryan QB, Falcons:  It is 2016 and the world is still trying to figure out if Matt Ryan is any good…He will be this game.”









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