“Weekly Foozball Outlook: Week 2”

“Hello Everyone! Over the course of the season I will give a brief (and not serious) analysis of the weekly foozball games.

What about Week 1 you are probably wondering?…I forgot, we are all human and no one is “The Highlander”.

Ok, now to the games….

Saints @ Giants:  The Over/Under for points the Saints defense will allow should be at 30.

Pick: Giants

*Fantasy Player of the Game: Eli Manning QB, Giants…take any QB playing the Saints defense.

Titans @ Lions: Yes, someone really wrote this article about Stafford…Week 1…against the Colts defense

Pick: Titans

*Fantasy Player of the Game: Tajae Sharpe WR, Titans.  Offensive…Rookie…Of…The…Year

Cowboys @ R_____s (Not typing or saying it, needs to be changed): “It’s hard for the other 10 guys to get lined up. I shouldn’t say 10 guys; it’s hard for the other three or four DBs to get lined up.” -Joe Barry, Defensive Coordinator for Washington.

Pick: Cowboys

*Fantasy Player of the Game: Ezekiel Elliott RB, Cowboys….Did you see what DeAngelo Williams did Monday night???

Chiefs @ Texans: Hopefully this game is better than last year’s playoff matchup…

Pick: Chiefs

*Fantasy Player of the Game: Do I have to pick one in this game?…Ok, fine.  DeAndre Hopkins WR, Texans.  Safe Bet.

Dolphins @ Patriots: If Garoppolo wins, the talks of “Should the Patriots go with Garoppolo all season?” will heat up.

Pick: Patriots

*Fantasy Player of the Game: Kenny Stills WR, Dolphins. Maybe a long shot, but the Patriots defense will be focused on Landry all game.

Ravens @ Browns:  Alright, RG3’s home debut!  Griffin will get a chance to redeem himself after last week…Wait, he is hurt?….Already??? Can not return until Week 10 at the earliest?  Talk about having the worst luck.

Pick: Ravens

*Fantasy Player of the Game: Duke Johnson RB, Browns.  Should see a lot of touches in the passing game.

49ers @ Panthers: The 49ers shutout the Rams last week…They may get shutout this week.

Pick: Panthers

*Fantasy Player of the Game: Cam Newton QB, Panthers.  No explanation needed.

Bengals @ Steelers: For now on, every time I see a Bengals/Steelers matchup I automatically think of this video

Pick: Bengals

*Fantasy Player of the Game: Antonio Brown WR, Steelers.  He can not be covered….

Buccaneers @ Cardinals: After many years and consecutive good seasons, I am still hesitant to pick a Carson Palmer led team as “The team to beat”.

Pick: Cardinals

*Fantasy Player of the Game:  Doug Martin RB, Buccaneers.  Will get his touches no matter what.

Seahawks @ Rams:  The Rams may go two weeks without scoring….

Pick: Seahawks

*Fantasy Player of the Game: Tyler Lockett WR, Seahawks.  Just a random pick…

Falcons @ Raiders: Everyone is excited about the Raiders win over the Saints…But how much did we really learn about the Raiders?  They played the Saints.

Pick: Raiders

*Fantasy Player of the Game: Julio Jones WR, Falcons.  Brandin Cooks & Willie Snead combined for 315 receiving yards and 3 TDs….Juilo is better than both…combined.

Jaguars @ Chargers: Chargers looked great for about 2 1/2 quarters, then Keenan Allen got hurt, and the wheels fell off.  On a positive note if you are a Chargers fan, Melvin Gordon looked really good! On a negative note if you are a Chargers fan, an Alex Smith led offense came back on your defense with a 17 point lead going into the 4th…

Pick: Jaguars

*Fantasy Player of the Game:  Melvin Gordon RB, Chargers.  Will probably end up being the Comeback Player of the Year.

Colts @ Broncos:  Trevor Siemian got so much credit for being below average last week.  With Colts coming up, we will probably start hearing “Is Trevor Siemian a franchise QB?”…smh

Pick: Broncos

*Fantasy Player of the Game: C.J. Anderson RB, Broncos.  He is the Broncos offense as long as Siemian plays”Game Manager”.

Packers @ Vikings:  Whether if it is Sam Bradford or Shaun Hill, the Vikings offense will look exactly the same for the next couple of weeks.

Pick: Packers

*Fantasy Player of the Game: Jordy Nelson WR, Packers. No Xavier Rhodes this week…that is my analysis.

Eagles @ Bears: Carson Wentz did show promise last week, but give it a couple of weeks before we call him “The Next”….It was the Browns remember? If you need your mind refreshed, see the Browns predictions hereand hereand here…you get the picture.

Pick: Bears

*Fantasy Player of the Game: Jay Cutler QB, Bears.  I will regret this later.”

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