The Human Spirit

How will we judge a man when it is his time to depart the world? Integrity and genuineness? Muhammad Ali was and always will be the essences of genuineness and integrity. Ali showed us that impossible was absolutely possible. Muhammad Ali taught us that we must stand for our convictions or we will lose ourselves in the winds of unjust compliance.  Friday, a family lost a father and a husband. The world lost a legend and, I lost my superhero. Friday June 3rd, 2016 was a sad day and, people shed tears because Muhammad Ali brought a sense of comfort and calmness to our tumultuous world. Today will be hard, but Ali would command us to get up and fight. Whatever struggles you face remember Ali. Whenever confronted with anything that appears insurmountable remember Ali. Muhammad Ali is the flame that burns in the eternal human spirit. Ali burns inside of us and his greatness will never be lost.

¡¡Rumble young man rumble!!

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