T.K.O. King Blake Griffin

Whoa! Blake Griffin or Baby B. his street O.G. alterego got some built up hostility inside of him. Maybe this anger stems from the successful marriage Kayne and Kim are having. Or could it be that he had nightmares about the Warriors beating the Clippers by 45 points. Could it possibly be that he’s so perplexed that a C.E.O. with zero success or vision and who laughed at Steve Jobs IPhone is the owner of the ailing Clippers. I think Mr. Griffin may be suffering from ego mania. We all have friends and there are times when for whatever reason you and your friend are at a heated impass. This impass doesn’t provoke violence unless you’re in elementary school, then it’s ok to beat the hell out of one another. Blake’s good judgement escaped him because psychologically Mr. Griffin views Matias Testi as inferior. Yes, inferior. Blake is the King who affords Mr. Testi the luxuries of being in the presence of a NBA star. How could Blake let a pond like Matias disrespect him. In Mr. Griffins mind the pond had belittled the King long enough and now was the time to put him in his place. Did Blake hit Matias before or after the appetizers? It’s an important question because hunger anger is a real disorder. Did Matias eat the last buffalo wing? This is information we need to know.  Blake’s narcissism accompanied with hunger anger can cause an egomaniac to erupt. The NBA is now investigating the incident, but don’t expect a suspension for Mr. Griffin. The Clippers need every able body to help salvage the season and the league doesn’t want to make it any easier for the Warriors to repeat this year. At the end of the day this melee between friends is now water under the bridge.

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