Tyler Sash Dead at 27

Mr. Sash was a former NFL player who was a member of the New York Giants. Tyler suffered from the brain disease CTE which is caused by concussions. Since being released from the Giants in 2013 and after suffering 5 concussions Tyler’s life was one of suffering.  Mr. Sash’s NFL career deteriorated his body which left him stricken with pain daily. This pain killed Tyler. At the age of 27 Mr. Sash died     of an accidental overdose of pain medications. Pain medications, plural. Why would such a young man need multiple pain medications to exist? At the age of 27 Mr. Sash suffered from a severe case of CTE.  Tyler played 27 games in the NFL. 2 seasons. Three seasons after he was released from the New York Giants Mr. Sash is dead. This young man’s life was taken by football. This game is far too dangerous and there are no measures that can mitigate the risk inherent in this sport. We all need to weep because this tragedy is repeating itself every year. I am truly sorry of Mr. Sash’s death. Please say a prayer for the departed.




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