Odell Beckham Jr. Another Privilege Athlete Who Is Not Accountable For His Behavior

It’s disappointing when the New York Giants are so desperate to win the NFC East that they will create a scenario justifying Odell Beckham Jr’s behavior during Sundays game against the Panthers.  The excuse that the Panthers taunted Beckham with homophobic slurs causing him to react violently when no acts of violence were committed against him doesn’t bode well for Odell. The Giants attempt to switch the blame of Beckham’s attack onto the Panthers is horrendous. Odell Beckham Jr. intentionally launched his helmet into Josh Norman’s head with the intent to cause severe injury.  The one game suspension for Odell’s asinine performance on Sunday falls short. Beckham should have been suspended for the season, but once again a privilege superstar athlete will not be held accountable for his actions.

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