Greg Schiano The Ohio State University Football

If you haven’t heard Schiano has been hired by Urban Meyer and OSU Football as Associate Head Coach and Defensive Coordinator. Why Greg Schiano? Why would you want someone associated with your organization who is brash, callous & inepted. Schiano aided by former GM Mark Dominik ruined the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Schiano’s insidious actions to remove Josh Freeman from the Buccaneers damaged the QB’s career.  Schiano’s unscrupulous play calling made him the most hated Head Coach in the NFL. I once believed in Urban Meyer, but now I question his ability to evaluate personnel. Schiano is bad for players. He can’t communicate unless he dominates. Schiano’s means of motivation resembles methods used by Saddam and Gaddafi. If you refuse to obey the Schiano he will destroy you. I’m disappointed that Urban Meyer would jeopardize the team by hiring someone who will not add value to the organization, but who will diminish the reputation of the University. Ohio State needs to be alarmed.  Schiano is a step backwards. With the Big 10 becoming more competitive Urban Meyer should have hired someone who is a progressive visionary who can help led the team not someone who will disrupt it.

Deeply Disappointed                                                                                                               Michael Foster

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