Houston Texans… A Difficult Choice.

The fat lady is singing her enormous gluteus maximus off and the Houston Texans find themselves in a hole dugged by their GM Rick Smith and Head Coach Bill O’Brien. In order to salvage the season leadership within this organization needs to find a way to resolve the dismal offensive production. The return of Arian Foster is not the answer. Foster can’t resolve issues within the offensive scheme. O’Brien’s offensive system is archaic. Ryan Mallett is the best choice to lead this team but he needs an offensive system that works. It’s time to fire the offensive coordinator and hire someone who can implement a plan that maximizes the offenses potential. The new offensive coordinator should be allowed to trade Arian Foster (IF NEEDED) to strengthen the depth of offensive personnel. Smith and O’Brien  seem ill equipped to right the ship and the Texans will have a lackluster season.

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