Washington Redskins Debacle

It is painfully obvious Jay Gruden can not manage this team.  It is also painfully obvious the best player on the team (RG3) is inactive and will probably never play another game in D.C.  Gruden was committted to ruining the best talent that D.C. has had in decades when he stole $20 million from Dan Snyder to coach the team and develop Robert Griffin III. Gruden is a fiasco.  Jay Gruden waged a war in the media against Griffin to diminish him because Gruden does not have the intellect to develop an offensive system that harnesses RG3’s phenomenal abilities.  Jay Gruden is a one trick pony whose failing offensive scheme requires obedience and not talent. The difference between Robert Griffin III and Kirk Cousins game play is that RG3 is thinking and Kirk Cousins is obeying. Robert analyzes the situation to determine if the primary target is truly open to receive the pass.  This requires RG3 to hold the ball a little longer because he’s looking for the option that will deliver the best outcome.  Kirk Cousins does not analyze the situation.  He obeys the play and throws the ball to the primary target regardless of the situation on the field.  This is why he releases the ball fast and has more interceptions. Griffin and Cousins failures are not attributable to their abilities or efforts.  The problem lies with Jay Gruden. Gruden’s offensive scheme is a tragedy.  It produces sacks, interceptions and offensive pass interference. Thursday night the New York Giants didn’t play a great game, but Gruden’s elementary offense exhausted their defensive resources which cannibalized the team. The Washington Redskins is a historic franchise that was once a dominant force in the NFL.  This team will burn to ashes under Gruden’s reign, but hopefully when he is finally expelled from D.C. something good will grow through the ash.

Michael Foster Jr.


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